Monday, March 21, 2011

My Squirrely Visitors

It's been awhile since my squirrel friends have made an appearance on my blog, so I thought I'd gather some photos to show you what their typical visit looks like.

First they jump onto the railing of my deck, where I leave little cups of food and water for them.

My Squirrely Visitor

Being the nervous creatures they are, my squirrels usually look around to make sure the coast is clear before jumping onto the deck.

My Squirrely Visitor

Before too long, they head toward the bowl of seeds and dig in.

My Squirrely Visitor

I don't know if you've ever seen the look on a squirrel's face when he's got his little paws full of delicious sunflower seeds, but I would call it a look of satisfaction.

My Squirrely Visitor

I've also added a new nature-themed item to my shop. I'm pretty excited about these. I can personally attest to how much cheer they will add to your home.

Mushroom Garden- Maintenance Free Mini Terrarium
Mushroom Garden- Maintenance Free Mini Terrarium

There are some things in life that are simple, yet uplifting. For me, seeing an adorable woodland creature filling its little cheeks with plenty of food right on my back porch is one of them. What's a surefire way to make YOU smile?


Linda B said...

Love this post. Definitely cuteness like cute kittens. They make me smile.

Katie said...

We are currently experiencing an invasion of ladybugs in our house! They're so adorable, it's impossible to be irritated with them.

Pili said...

I love seeing your posts about the squirrels! I love squirrels!

And I so love your gorgeous Mini Terrariums! Ideal for me, since I'm really bad at caring for poor plants, I forget to water them!

apparentlyjessy said...

SQUIRRELS!!! You know I love them, whenever I see squirrel photos I think of you Holly. Your squirrel posts are a sure way to make me smile ;)
I love the mini terrariums too, wish you could post them to Australia.

ich liebe berlin said...

ohhhh <3

Holly said...

Pili and Jessy- I was really hoping to make these terrariums available for international shipping, but I experienced quite a bit of difficulty when I attempted to research the customs regulations for shipping dried plant matter overseas. I thought about offering them to international customers and placing a disclaimer on the listing, stating that international customers should purchase at their own risk in case they are confiscated, but I figured I should probably play it safe. I love shipping to other countries, so it makes me sad that I could only make these available for domestic orders. :-(

Sue Furrow said...

Sweet little squirrels, but my FAV is the birds. All of them, even the Blue Jays.

alexkeller said...

i love your little squirrels!
and i've heard there are some interesting restrictions on international shipping - like chocolate to Mexico or lavender to Australia!

Roses are Red said...

I wish we had squirrels in Australia, they look so cute!
I really love your terreriums, but I think you are right- customs would surely not allow plants through into Australia- Ive seen it on boarder security ;)
Where abouts do you buy your moss from? I would love to try and make something similar.


babalisme said...

Oh LOOOOOOOOK!! there he is! Love how they put their paws so close to their cute!! I could use a squirrel or two to make me smile... and think about that Doug Dog from Pixar's UP that always pause between conversations to shout "SQUIRREL!!". always a surefire to make me grin.

OliveStreetStudio said...

oooo! I like the squirrel posts.....and then the brightest spot at the end with your terrariums. Those would make me smile too! I smile when I get an hour or two in the sewing room with Q104.3's classic rock and the daughter rolling in every so often to dance. :-)

Laras H. said...

Hahaha Squirrels have always been soooo cute! :3

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

so adorable!
I adore the mushroom garden too, how cute is that!

Anonymous said...

Those little mushrooms make me smile Holly! Someday I want to make myself a little terrarium for my windowsill, and those little mushrooms would look darling inside! ♥

Anonymous said...

oh, and we don't have a lot of trees right around our property, so we don't have many squirrels right in our yard, but we do feed the birds and just love watching them! ♥

Audrey said...

Isn't he just the cutest :) We have quite a few squirrels too - but they have to watch out for our dog :) They've had some close calls over the last couple of years!
LOVE the mushrooms!

Lemon Shortbread said...

The terrarium is so cute!! The squirrels too of course esp when they nibble =)