Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Believe in Something

While this blog is usually dedicated to lighthearted, casual topics, there are times when I want to do more than just brush the surface. I want to share things with you that I believe so strongly they sometimes shake me to the core. And since I am not a pushy person regarding things of a spiritual nature, I want to make it clear that you can believe something very different from me, or nothing at all, and I will still have every bit as much love and respect for you.

I Say A Little Prayer For You...
I Say A Little Prayer For You by Christine on Flickr

I won't try to change you- that's not what this is about. This is my way of shouting from the rooftop that I have found an abundance of joy in my beliefs, and it's taken me a lot of soul-searching to find my path but I feel like I've finally figured it out FOR MYSELF. It's not a path I blindly follow because it was laid out for me by my family, a church, or society. It is something that I've put together piece by piece as I learned lessons and gathered truths throughout this life.

~  free  ~
~free~ by AlicePopkorn on Flickr

Religion has been a hot topic in my mind ever since I was old enough to think for myself. My quest to learn more about spirituality and has led me to experience feelings of fascination, horror, curiosity, and inspiration. And now, I have come to the freeing realization that we can decide for ourselves what we want to believe. Essentially, I grew up in church, began to ask questions, lost my faith, and slowly sought out the knowledge I needed to build it back up again to where I could TRULY believe it. It's as if I have taken down a painting of the sky so that I could knock out the wall that was obstructing my view of the actual sunshine right outside my house.

Azure and Crimson Twilight
Azure and Crimson Twilight by Eden Brackstone on Flickr

Like I said before, I'm not into converting people. I think that if they believe something to be true, they'll come willingly. That's why I'm not even going to tell you what I believe. Instead, I'll just tell you that I believe something. It doesn't cause me to denounce science or condemn other human beings, but it is something that enhances my life and helps me see a purpose in all of this.

Christians Protect Praying Muslims During Protests in Egypt

Do you believe in something? I dare you to answer. I know it's not considered a polite topic, but it doesn't have to be that way. Can we agree to love and accept each other, no matter what our beliefs may be?


Knit-O-Matic said...

I whole heartedly agree with you! What I believe is not necessarily what you believe and that is absolutely fine. I do believe in your right to believe and think for yourself! And in my right to do the same. My beliefs do not make me better than you nor do they give me the "right" to change you. If someone asks honestly and without malice what I believe and why then I am likely to share with them but only so that we may gain a deeper understanding of each other not in order to convert or judge.

Briana Shepley said...

That last picture is so powerful! I believe in being good and loving and respecting each other regardless of our beliefs :) I think you and I are much on the same wavelength when it comes to this topic!

sweetheartville said...

At this point in my life, my only "religion" is Love. I believe in kindness, honesty, and respect, and as long as another person believes in those same values, it doesn't bother me who or what they pray to or don't. I'm also a big fan of science. ;)

OliveStreetStudio said...

What a wonderful, mature, thought-provoking post. I too believe in something, regardless how I may have felt about that something at various points in my life. I have struggled to understand why certain things have happened to me, but as much as I've tried to 'stay angry', it doesn't last and I come to the understanding that maybe this is what was meant for me.

lilcoop said...

I agree with you so much. (that last picture is amazing btw) I think the greatest thing anyone can do is love one another no matter what they believe/ what they like. Love seems to bring more happiness to the world.

Anonymous said...

I too have done a lot of soul searching over the years, and while I'm always open to change my mind, alter my view, or learn more about the whole truth of things... I've always considered myself to be a spiritual person. I treat others the way I wish to be treated, I have faith in life, in living, in love. I believe in a higher power, but perhaps not one specific higher power, I believe there are many beings that guide us. Some within, some from above, others are all around us. Sometimes I like to take the word 'religion' out of it entirely, because we are all free to be who and what we want, and believe what we believe. That is just a part life being lived {in my opinion}. ♥

Kristin said...

My faith has gotten me through some very trying times!

Princess Caitlin said...

Great post!

You know about my faith, I think. I keep mentioning it in my blog (when I remember to write :P ) because it's such an integral part of me.

You've done gone and made me curious about what you believe now, though!

And, wow. That last picture is great.

Christie Cottage said...

I believe! Anyone who is around me or visits any of my online sites, knows that I believe.

I am a born again believer. I won't shove God down your throat, because HE is already, all around you.

I try to be kind to all whose paths I cross. I will invite you to church. I won't argue with you about going to church. Inviting you was my part. The rest is between you and God.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Audrey said...

I also grew up going to church every Sunday faithfully. It's not a bad thing, does give me a base of sorts. But now that I've lived for a while and experienced different things and lived different places, my faith is definitely different and my views on religion are also very different then when I was 10 years old.

The community where I live believes that there is only one way to follow God, if you are different - you are wrong.

Unfortunately I don't believe that way. Everyone believes in God in their own way, and that's wonderful!! Different is good! Makes us think about ourselves, what we believe, how we treat others etc. If we were all the same we wouldn't learn.

Amy Perrotti said...

I love what you said, "It's as if I have taken down a painting of the sky so that I could knock out the wall that was obstructing my view of the actual sunshine right outside my house." and I totally get it. Also, I love the photo of the Christians protecting praying Muslims during protests in Egypt. Let's love and respect each other and each others beliefs. I'm with you and it is a good place to be, because as usual you rock! :)

the felt bird said...

Great post!
I believe in love and kindness.
btw, you chose great photos!

Sherri said...

Holly! I love learning this about you! And I agree with the other commenters that your choices of photos to depict your message were absolutely wonderful!

I also believe in something...rather Someone! And I've also come full circle in realizing that our human institutions more often veil Him than reveal Him and we each must find our place in His universe in a deeply personal way.

I am so glad that He is wise for me, because I am so often stupid. =)

Holly Rocks!

alexkeller said...

i do believe in something. it has sort of changed over the years or maybe that's just how i perceive it. my son is going to a Catholic school - i hope it helps him to be a good and kind person, regardless of what he ends up believing in.

apparentlyjessy said...

This is a very heartfelt post Holly. I was brought up an atheist, but my parents always said to me if I felt like I wanted to believe in something, any religion at all, they would support me.
As I've grown up and learnt about different religions I haven't felt inclined to change my atheist views. However I do believe everyone has the right to believe in whatever they wish to, freedom of choice.

Pili said...

If you are a good person and acts like a good person and treats others as they would like to be treated, I won't care about your height, colour, race, religion, sex or sexual preference or even football team.

I can define myself by the lyrics of a Rush song called "Faithless"

"I don't have faith in faith
I don't believe in belief
You can call me faithless
I still cling to hope
And I believe in love
And that's faith enough for me"