Friday, July 29, 2011

Fitness Friday #8- Inner Thigh Leg Lifts

Happy Friday, my fitness-loving friends! I have a brand new video for you, and I actually worked up the courage to speak in this one. I got a little shy for my first workout video, which is weird because I am in no way a shy person. I guess it just felt a little strange, like talking to myself. But I thought this particular move would be a lot easier if I talked you through it so I put down my ego and decided that if I sound like a cheesy fitness-instructor type, so be it.

This is one of my absolute favorite workouts. It targets an area that can make all the difference in the world when it comes to clothing. Don't you hate it when your pants are so tight on your thighs that you almost feel guilty for subjecting the fabric to such stress? I am here to help! All you need is a yoga mat or a carpeted area and a weight (or a jar of pasta sauce, whatever). Ready?...

Here's a little breakdown to help you remember the details:
-Lay on your side, leaning on your elbow with your palm down. Cross your top leg over your bottom leg and position the weight on your inner leg, right above your knee.
-Do 16 full leg lifts and 20-40 pulses.
-Switch sides and do the same with your other leg.
-Repeat on each side, but don't overdo it. A little bit of soreness is part of the fun, it means your workouts are effective. But you don't want to be too sore, so take it easy!

Simple, right? Please feel free to add your own inner thigh workouts in the comment section. I also love to hear about readers actually attempting these workouts, so let me know what you think if you try it!


Briana Shepley said...

Just watching that makes my legs hurt! I've been SO bad at working out this summer :-/

I love that you're talking in this one! You speak nice and clear which is wonderful in an instructional video :) (the speech teacher in me is showing ;)

Christie Cottage said...

Great video! You are just so pretty and in shape too!!!

Youth!!! LOL


My CoCoon Vintage said...

Such a hard part of the bod to tone. Great vid.

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Ten Pounds! You make that look easy Holly! And you did a great job with your video too hun, you go girl! ;)

Pili said...

Ok, this one I really need to try this one, my tights could use the work!

Holly said...

My CoCoon- It is SUCH a difficult area to target, and I've searched for years to find the perfect workout. This is the best one I've found so far.

DancingMooney- I could crush a brick with these thighs! ;-)~

JUST ME said...

I love your workout videos!! I'm calling you the Adorable Jane Fonda from now on.

I'm gonna try this move tomorrow at the gym. :) My legs thank you already.

Cabootique said...

You're such a good instructor! I like watching/listening to you more than other exercise videos I've tried :)
I'm definitely going to be adding this to my workout. My inner thighs are the one part of my body that I can never seem to beat.

Andrea Reh said...

With 6 weeks to go until I head to Rarotonga, this is just what I needed. Thank you!

Andrea x

Renee said...

Yay! Love the video and you did such a great job explaining the move. I agree with Briana on the speaking nice and clear!! Need to incorporate this into a routine for myself :) Mom and I have started doing Zumba to get ready for the wedding and this would be perfect for our off days :)

alexkeller said...

wow! you must have legs of steel!
[anyone remember that buns of steel video from the 80s?] i'll have to work on it ... i do those leg lifts all the time in Pilates class minus the weight & i'm already sore the next day ;)

a new mind said...

uhhh... rockin body ma