Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random Act of Kindness GIVEAWAY (closed)

Let me begin this giveaway by telling you a little story. Last week, I walked into the store to buy a gallon of milk. I just needed that one thing, so I grabbed it, took it to the counter, and took out my wallet. Before I could hand the money to the cashier, a man walked up and paid for it. I'm certain I had a look of utter confusion on my face, so he smiled at me and said "I got it." He didn't try to talk to me or take any credit for the fact that he just acted so generously toward a complete stranger- he just bought my milk, accepted my thanks, and went about his day.

You would not believe what this simple act did for me. I wasn't down in the dumps by any means, but my spirits were lifted in ways that I would have never expected a four dollar purchase would be capable of. I was completely inspired, my faith in the overall kindness and goodness of mankind restored. The whole experience got me thinking. I wanted to pay it forward in a way that the message I received would not be forgotten. Kindness is what makes life so wonderful, but only if we spread it.


Angel Wing Pendant

I'm giving away a hand-sculpted angel wing pendant, made by yours truly. One winner, chosen at random, will receive a pendant made from polymer clay, drenched in silver glitter, and sealed with a shiny varnish. These are comfortable, versatile, and meaningful. I made one for myself, and I wear it all the time.


Now THIS is where the fun begins! Let me tell you how you can win.


♥ Your entry will serve as a pledge to commit a random act of kindness. You can simply leave a comment that looks something like this: "Hi, Holly! I promise I will do something nice for someone in the near future."
♥ Your act of kindness doesn't have to involve a monetary investment. The rules are flexible: you can give some of your time, a helping hand, a sincere compliment, or anything else you can think of. It can be someone you know or someone you don't. If it makes somebody feel good, it counts.

I think it would be amazing if numerous acts of kindness were occurring all over the world! To gain additional entries after you've completed the first step, you can help get the word out by doing the following things (feel free to use the buttons at the end of this post to make these easier).
Follow me on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway. Leave a blog comment with your Twitter username.
"Like" me on Facebook and share a link to this giveaway. Leave a blog comment to say you're a fan.
♥ Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment with a link to the post.

Angel Wing Pendant

This giveaway ends at midnight U.S. Central time on Wednesday, August 31st. It is open to international readers- all are welcome to enter! The winner will be chosen by a random number generator and notified via email (make sure to leave your contact info in your comments). If you are the type of person who doesn't mind doing things that are simple yet meaningful for others, this won't be anything out of the ordinary and you might just end up with a sparkling new bauble. Let's all be an angel to somebody!


themonkeyunderground said...

Oh that pendant is so cute! Random acts of kindness really are such a fun way to make a day! Two people saw me drop my mail bin today and came over to help me pick up the letters that were blowing away at the post!(I'm a courier) Made my day!They could have easily ignored me cursing and chasing envelopes lol! Cool giveaway!!!

Pili said...

That pendant is absolutely gorgeous! Random acts of kindness make you feel really nice & bubbly inside. A very silly example, just today after work I went to pick up a certificate from a course I took in Jan, and I decided to pick up also my co-workers's certificates and left them at our ward so they don't have to go pick them up themselves.

Brilliant idea this giveaway Holly!

Pili said...

I just posted about the giveaway on facebook too!


Briana Shepley said...

What a kind man! Once in college, April and I paid for the toll of the people behind us (and then later got scared that they were guys that would think we were hitting on them!) and used to do things like that growing up all of the time. Key words - used to. I need to implement RAOK again in my life :) I'm sure you're full of them and don't even realize it :)

Christie Cottage said...

What a wonderful story!

Random acts of kindness, should be our way of life. I try to make it mine very chance I get!

Have a wonderful day!


Heather said...

What a cool story! So glad you got to experience that random act of kindness.

msformaldehyde said...

Love the pendant. I am going to be doing the same next week!

Stela said...

What a cool story! I love random acts of kindness, I will do one today.
And gorgeous pendent!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

What a sweet idea Holly! I just dropped a package of goodies in the mail to someone very special to me, who could use a little pick me up about now. Thanks for the suggestion... I like to think of random acts of kindness as sending good karma out into the world...

I tweeted, and will be posting on my blog about this as well.

You Rock, Holly!!

Cabootique said...

That is such a nice story! I try to do random acts of kindness when the situation is appropriate, but that inspires me to step up my game!

Such a pretty necklace, by the way.

Kimberly W said...

This is a fantastic idea and the pendant is beautiful! I do try and practice random acts of kindness but your post has inspired me to do more. Thanks for the great giveaway and story.
Halochanel at gmail dot com

Kimberly W said...

Shared on twitter and following you @WrightWin
Halochanel at gmail dot com

Kimberly W said...

New Facebook fan and I shared
Halochanel at gmail dot com

Kimberly W said...

I shared on my blog :)

halochanel at gmail dot com

babalisme said...

Hi Holly!

You're having another random giveaway! That's so you!! how nice! :D

Actually, I just got a break in the middle of the night the other day. I lost my handphone (not the most valuable thing in amount of money, but the data..) and some cash. I just can't believe it happened to me, I thought it was something that you see in news or happens to your friend's mother's acquaintance.

But it struck me, "Maybe I haven't given much, Fate started to take it all from me by force." I am not a big believer in fate, but I stay away from trouble, I do good, I never cross someone's path, I must have good karma, mustn't I? but it's all wrong, bad things still happens to me.

And then I came across your giveaway. Holly, staying out of trouble and not picking up fights are not enough. I promise I will give more, not in a matter of consumable things only but also in terms of respect, love, and all random things in life. Thank you for reminding me how random act of kindness still works like magic!

TopHat said...

I'll do a random act of kindness today! I have beenthinking about writing to an old friend I haven't seen in a while.

OliveStreetStudio said...

Oh very cool! In fact, I think I perform an act-of-kindness each time I go jogging - bc on my cool-down walk, I pick up all the garbage I see. BUT I will also do something else....in the future....

OliveStreetStudio said...

I also LIKE you on FB!! Yay Holly!

Lynda said...

Wow these are beautiful!

I will do a random act of kindness!

lmr3683 at hotmail dot com

Erin Bradley said...

This is gorgeous and an EXCELLENT giveaway!

kiddo said...

I promise to perform a random act of kindness in the near future.

kiddomsg at gmail dot com

kiddo said...

I like you on FB and posted about the giveaway.


kiddomsg at gmail dot com

kiddo said...

I follow you on Twitter @kiddo47 and I tweeted.


kiddomsg at gmail dot com

Kim Taylor said...

I am a fan! I am sharing your link on my Facebook page. Your story is inspiring and will make me look for someplace I can pay it forward too :)
Kim Taylor

Lubna said...

I am a firm believer of random acts of kindness and this is how I landed on your blog. Sometimes random acts of kindness need not be towards strangers, it can be towards people at the work place.
1) A cookie/chocolate on the desk of a colleague who is having a bad day
2) Just listening to someone who wants to share their hurt and pain
3) Taking over someone's work load so she can rush home to her sick baby/old parent
Such random acts of kindness make the workplace a better one.
Have a good day.

Kairi said...

Love the necklace. <3 And random acts of kindness don't necessarily need much time, effort, or money. Just a simple compliment and smile can brighten someone's day. I plan to do a random act of kindness in the near future also.
niunizheng at gmail dot com

Heather said...

That's a really amazing story! You've inspired me to try to be a little more aware of other people having troubles. It always makes me feel really good when people help me out, its time I help back.

Anonymous said...

Holly, I will do something nice for my sister this week. What a great idea!


writeme at heidimail dot com

Anonymous said...

I'm going to pledge to give a coworker of mine 5 minutes of my time to assist him/her with something this week.


Anonymous said...

Following on twitter



Mita Adindayu said...

wow great idea!
my random acts of kindness was helping my mom to prepare some food for break fasting. yes, it's fasting month for muslim and we have to do some kindness acts on this holy month :)


Mita Adindayu said...

i've posted it on my twitter http://twitter.com/#!/mitaadindayu/status/104752438434725888


Mita Adindayu said...

like your facebook page as Mita Adindayu
and shared it http://www.facebook.com/mitadindayu/posts/265912753420039


Erin said...

Beautiful <3 My random act of kindness isn't really random but honestly I work with children who have Congenital Heart Defects because I was born with one! I am 29 years old and work with my own support group in the area and out in the social networking world online ... I meet people who have survived things everyday ... it's not random but it's my way of always giving back!!


Erin said...


added you under @lovelybeauty143


Erin said...

I liked HollyRocks and posted it on my FB tagging you :)


stephland3 said...

Hi Holly! My act of kindness will go out to my childrens teachers. I plan to bring them plants the 1st day of school for their classroom and also offer my help during the year. Great giveaway:)

alexkeller said...

i'd love to do something random for someone and make their day like this man did just getting your milk. i can't really say what it will be - i think it'll have to be spur of the moment!

Serenap95 said...

Hi, Holly! I promise I will do something nice for someone in the near future. I plan on surprising my mom with a nice basket that I put together.

Serenap95 said...

I'm following you on twitter. My username is serenap95.

Serenap95 said...

I became a fan of yours on Facebook.

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥Kat F.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Beautiful pendant & beautiful way to enter a giveaway! Thanks & a random act of kindness is in someone's (well, lots of someone's) future. :)

fastkat at gmail dot com

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful story. It shows there there is GOODNESS in the world. I DO indeed promise to do something really lovely for someone - just to make their day a bit special. In the meantime, I liked your facebook page - and I will share your link tomorrow (I promise). Thank you for offering up such a lovely pendant to give away. :) Hope you've been enjoying the weekend!

Domina said...

This is my kind of giveaway! My giveaway is similar to this one. I promise whole heartly to do a simple act of kindness. I'm not sure what it is yet, but I will know when I recognize it. Peace and blessings.

I am also hosting a giveaway for a sponsor who is an advocate for sickle cell anemia. Please visit my blog and enter. Thanks in advance! http://http://getittogetherdomina.blogspot.com/2011/08/journal-give-away.html

mikesuper said...

Such a gorgeous pendant and a great story of yours!

My 3 year old godson went into the hospital a month ago for his third open heart surgery and my sister has been there with him the entire time. (She's a single mother of five so our mom has been taking care of the other four kids, bless her soul.) The baby has gotten many care packages from many organizations and we are grateful for every thought sent to him and us.
Unfortunately many people seem to forget how hard it can be on the parents as well, sitting there so helpless when their babies are in pain. I'm currently in the process of putting together care packages for the parents now. Just little things, stuff they can't get from the hospital; crosswords, inspirational books, contraband candy, etc.

Random acts like everything mentioned in the OP and comments are the best ways to lift someone's spirits! Thank you for reminding everyone!!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hi Holly! I did link your giveaway on my facebook page - but it didn't automatically link to your page. Here is my page which shows the giveaway post:

ac neil said...

so nice that you had that experience!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing giveaway! A random act of kindness would really make my day.

I will do something nice for my parents this week. <3

Sue Furrow said...

Hi Holly, I know what it feels like to get something w/ no strings attached. It's awesome. I'll blog about your giveaway soon.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I love little acts of kindness like this! Every once in awhile it's nice to pay someone's toll or something. It gives the giver a lift too!

Great pendant :)

crystal said...

Hi, Holly! I promise I will do something nice for someone whenever i can. I enjoyed your story and think that your pendant is awesome.
Cheers to Random Acts Of Kindness!!

cyclona66 at aol dot com

Heather said...

aw, that is awesome! I'd love to hear the man's story about what inspired him to do that. Maybe he'd been done a kindness as well? This is a beautiful necklace! What pretty shimmery detail!~

Zack F said...

Hi! This is kind of weird because in the mail yesterday I got my bracelet I ordered, it's a wooden bead bracelet with a hand on it reaching out. It's called "The Helping Hand" and I got it for the same reason you're giving this away--a reminder. I just thought that was interesting. Anyways, I'm a guy and I think this would be great for my mom. Thanks for making the world go 'round(=


Jolee said...

I think this is a fabulous idea, and I DO promise. Thanks!! joleehamlin [at] comcast [dot] net

Lyudmila said...

Hi, Holly! I promise I will do something nice for someone in the near future
lusizova at gmail.com

Lyudmila said...

I am your fan on fb=Lyudmila Sizova
lusizova at gmail.com

Penny Minding Mom said...

What an adorable pendant, my daughter would love it!

I pledge to do something nice for someone tomorrow!

Penny Minding Mom said...

Following you on twitter as PennyMindingMom

pennymindingmom (at) hotmail (dot) ca

Penny Minding Mom said...

Liked you on FB as Penny Minding Mom

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Penny Minding Mom said...

Blogged about it.


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