Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Edible Garden Tour

Two weekends ago, I participated in an event that was a little different than the craft shows I normally attend.  The Tulsa Edible Garden Tour consisted of five families who opened their homes to the public so gardeners could gather inspiration.  Each house had a vendor set up in the driveway selling garden-related goodies, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to promote my work to a new group of people.  The house I was assigned to was gorgeous, and it had a rooftop vegetable garden!

Tulsa Edible Garden Tour

Due to the nature of the show, I chose to bring only items that were in some way related to gardening (including prints, necklaces with little fruits and veggies, magic garden kits, garden stakes, and leaf pendants).

Tulsa Edible Garden Tour

Tulsa Edible Garden Tour

I also brought a pot of wildflowers grown from the recycled paper hearts in my magic garden kits to give shoppers an idea of what they could expect from each kit.

Magic Garden Kit

It's been so much fun watching these little kits come to life. It started as an idea in my sketchbook, turned into an experiment, and ended with lovely bursts of color in my flower pots.

Wildflower Hearts

Magic Garden Kit

Wildflower (Yellow Coreopsis)

They were well-received at the Edible Garden Tour, and I met some very kind people over the weekend too! Jenny from Ellaberry Gardens organized the tour, and not only was she a pleasure to meet but as far as I can tell, her whole family is pretty amazing. If you're local and you'd like some ideas for your own garden, bookmark this website for details on next year's tour as well as a plethora of classes available for every season.

My love for wildflowers runs many years deep by now, but it's been heightened lately by the development of my wildflower hearts.  A newly published book provided hours of fascination after checking it out from the library. Now I am determined to own a copy of The Guide to Oklahoma Wildflowers by Patricia Folley.

What's your favorite wildflower?


Michael C. said...

I can't pick a single favorite...I'm fond of the Indian Paintbrushes that grew thick on my parents' farm where I grew up.

The Columbines that grow in the alpine meadows in Colorado are also a personal favorite.

Or these daisies: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mjchamplin/254340010/

I think maybe I just like wildflowers. :)

Briana Shepley said...

One of those houses was on the tour in our neighborhood but I could never find time to stop by! I kept wondering if you were in my hood :) HOW COOL that they had a rooftop garden!! Not sure if this constitutes as a wildflower or not but I'll always have a special place in my heart for snapdragons :)

Jenny said...

One favorite? Just one? I really love Indian blanketflower. And coneflower. And native primrose. And columbine.

Have tons (TONS) of blanketflower seed out front right now if you'd like to come gather some up for your hearts.

Loved having you at the tour!

JUST ME said...

Gosh you are so awesome. I can live vicariously through your craftiness. I can't craft to save my life. I'm creative, but glue guns just explode in my hands.

Also - I packed up your sparkly pot leaf with my other jewelry today and smiled. It's coming to NYC!!

Robin Thomas said...

What a great booth you set up. Your pictures are really gorgeousHolly.

DancingMooney ♥ said...

I found some sweet little yellow wild flowers growing in my yard this spring, so I plucked them and replanted them in a better place. I have no idea what they are (okay I've been too lazy to look it up) but I've been using the flowers in my pictures lately too and am really loving that wildflower touch. :)

P.S. What a cool idea to be part of that garden inspiration show, glad it was a success!

alexkeller said...

it would have to be the Mexican poppies that grow in the spring here http://www.flickr.com/photos/kretyen/6810487398/

Stela said...

That sounds like such a cool event! I love your magic garden kits so much!

smashinbeauty.com said...

Love the pic

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh how fun! This looks like it was one cool tour. We've been busy freezing all the fresh-picked fruit we've gathered. Can't wait for the veggies (tomatoes, green beans ) to start popping up. I'm glad that it was successful for you! Those necklaces and seed starters are so cute!

Rheea said...

Buddy! Your adorable miniature crafts never fail to put a smile on my face. And where are those squirrels with their acorns??? I'm missing them!