Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Tour of My Booth at Indie Emporium 2013

Hello and happy holidays!  Since I recently told you how excited I get for Indie Emporium each year, it's only fair that I do a little recap of the show, right?  Plenty of friendly faces were in attendance, and I had a wonderful time chatting with all the interesting folks who came to visit.  I revealed some new goodies such as crocheted hats, fairy gardens, lucky star necklaces, and grab bags- all of which were very well received and most of which you'll be seeing soon in my Etsy shop.  

I changed my setup yet again, because I added new things and because I like to make sure my displays are always evolving so it doesn't get boring.  While I was pretty happy with the way everything fit into the woodland theme I was trying to invoke, I need to improve upon this setup because it's a little too narrow for my taste.  I want to make it more spacious so that people feel invited to linger in my booth, taking in the tiny things I sculpt in a happy, comfortable setting.  On that note, step inside and have a look!

Indie Emporium 2013

Indie Emporium 2013

The little brown boxes you see on the tables contain Global Love Necklaces.  The proceeds from these are donated to Doctors Without Borders, and the generous souls who purchased them at the show contributed to a $50 donation for this important cause.

Indie Emporium 2013

To further establish a warm, woodland mood, I added a few magical little touches to my space. I brought a set of mushroom lamps to help illuminate my area once the sun went down and the lights were low.

Indie Emporium 2013

Indie Emporium 2013

One thing that factored very heavily in my enjoyment of the weekend was that my booth was located right next to Sam of Bohemian Romance. She is one of my dearest friends, and there was never a dull moment since I was perched side-by-side with this lovely person.

Indie Emporium 2013

Although I'm the first to acknowledge that my booth is a constant work-in-progress, I do take a small amount of pride in the way it currently looks when I reminisce on my early craft show days (check out this photo album to view the evolution of my setup and this picture if you want to see it at its worst, but only if you promise not to judge me).  So one of my creative goals for the next craft show season is come up with a cozy, innovative setup that will wow the curious minds who wander into my little piece of the arts and crafts world.  What kind of creative goals do you have for the coming year?


Mitch Embry said...

Seeing the evolution of your booth documented in photos like that is amazing! You are one of the most creative and talented people I know.

Briana Shepley said...

Love those lamps! I think your booth always looks polished, cohesive and professional. In other words, it's perfect :) One of these days I'll share some of my first's a sight!

Pili said...

I know that even if I didn't know you from Etsy and the blog seeing your set up in any craft fair I'd totally go and spend time ooooh-ing and aaaaaah-ing at everything!

Can't wait to see the new goodies in the Etsy shop soon!

Sam Extance said...

Love you Holly! I enjoyed the show all the more because I was set up next to you and could bask in your cheery spirit, creativity, and loveliness!