Friday, February 21, 2014

Glow For A Walk

As you may have gathered in my Gypsy Update, I have fallen in love with being a dog owner.  Like I mentioned in that post, I find it very enjoyable to wander around the city with my pup by my side.  Over the summer, we often wait until the sun goes down to walk her so she doesn't overheat.  Of course brightly colored clothing is just part of my lifestyle, whether I'm walking at night or not, but sometimes even that doesn't seem like enough.  So I recently created a set of accessories that will help keep me and my dog safe during our evening walks.

My friend Sherri, who works at a wonderful local yarn store called Loops, introduced me to a very cool product that I just had to try out.  Lumio yarn is unique because not only is it available in lots of fun colors, it also has reflective threads woven in.  I am not referring to a little bit of weak sparkle or a shimmery strand or two, instead this yarn contains actual reflective fibers that shine like stars.  So I crocheted a comfy slip-on collar for Gypsy, who reacted by giving me lots of puppy-dog eyes because I think she already suspected this collar was intended for walking and she was more than ready to try it out.

Reflective Dog Collar for Evening Walks
Dude.  Put down the camera and walk me already, crazy lady!

But before we headed out, I needed to make some matching wrist cuffs for myself because I am officially one of those people who dresses to match their dog.  We also had matching grins as we paraded down the street that night in our new gear.

Reflective Dog Collar for Evening Walks

Since I was so pleased with the prototype I made for my own purposes, I decided to go ahead and offer them for sale in my Etsy shop.  Because, surely, I'm not the only one who enjoys nighttime walks with my dog and wishes to keep her safe and visible.

Reflective Dog Collar for Evening Walks

I acquired all the most bright, festive colors available in this yarn and got to work creating patterns to accommodate dogs of all sizes.  I have many colors all stitched up and ready to ship in small, medium, and large, or you can choose custom sizing and include your dog's measurements for a perfect fit!

Reflective Dog Collar for Evening Walks

With this new creation, we've been getting in so many good walks that I've noticed more naps taking place too.  Some of them even involve *almost* snuggling with one of the cats.  We're one step closer to my seemingly unrealistic daydream of someday seeing an interspecies cuddle session in full force.

Isis and Gypsy

Thanks for taking the time to read about yet another silly little craft accomplishment that I'm way too excited about!  Have a colorful day!


DancingMooney ♥ said...

These are awesome Holly!!! And I love that your kitty and Gypsy are getting closer. Our last cat Marley, used to cuddle with the dogs every day, just like he was one of them, it was SO cute! Posey our new kitty doesn't cuddle so much, but she loves to swat at them and encourage them to play with her... equally cute in another way. :)

Love and blessings to you and your fur babies! ♥ xoxo

Claire said...

Aww! You look so happy!
I love that last photo too

Aik said...

That's so cute, I bet Gypsy loves it! And the last pic is priceless!

Lemon Shortbread said...

This is a cool idea Holly. Stay safe while walking! I like walking dogs in evenings too since daytime is too bright!