Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a beautiful day!

Well, everybody. The day has finally come. I want to say that I would be happy to see this day regardless of who was entering office because anything would be better than what is currently happening in our country. When I first found out that the democratic nomination would be between Obama and Clinton, I remember looking over at Mitch and telling him that "Barack is going to win it, I mean the whole thing. He's going to be our next president." He doubted my predictions, because I've always got my hopes unrealistically high. And even with my expectations set firmly in place, I never could have prepared myself for the amount of pride and unity I feel right now. Pride for the fact that our country no longer holds a person's ethnicity against them (well some people do, I'm not that naive), because we are beginning to see that it is not a tool for judging others, but for understanding their background and realizing that while it may be different from our own, each person has value and worth that runs much deeper than their nationality. And unity with my fellow citizens who helped to make this happen and who believed that it was possible.

When Obama won the nomination and began campaigning even more vigorously than before, I could feel it happening. I could see people coming together for a cause like nothing I had seen in my lifetime. When I would drive down the busy street I live on and see groups of people holding painted signs on the side of the road, waving and smiling in an attempt to gain recognition for Obama's cause, I knew that he had changed the way we operated even if he didn't win. And on election day, when I saw people coming out in record numbers to make their stand, I was glad that America was growing a backbone and remembering how to stand up for their beliefs. That evening I sat on the edge of my seat as the results were pieced together on my TV screen, and I learned that watching a change occurring in my country is far more entertaining than any show or movie could dream of being. Now, two months later, the end result is finally coming to be. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER that the first day this country has ever seen a black man in office will be my 25th birthday.

Hop in the driver's seat, Obama. I have so much faith that you will take us to a better place!!


Brigid said...

Holly, if I ever wore socks, you would totally rock them.

Happy almost birthday, old lady! ;)

Estela said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!!
You're half way to being half way to 100! You're so old! :)