Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nature, yet again.

I am starting to realize that I should probably just call my blog "pictures of Holly going outside" because quite a bit of what I include here involves the outdoors. But I just can't help it, I am always the geeky chick at the park who has her camera pointed up into the trees trying to capture a beautiful day.

Yesterday I grabbed my guy and headed for Turkey Mountain here in Tulsa. It's not really a mountain at all, but rather a big pretty hill next to the river with tons of walking trails. It's one of my favorite places to go walking for two reasons: 1) It's beautiful! There are plenty of birds, flowers, and trees to behold along your stroll, and 2) You are walking uphill on rugged terrain, so it really works out your butt. I can assure you I was feelin' the burn about halfway up this little stretch of trail. ;-)

There were hundreds of dogwood trees in bloom too. We came upon one particular area where I was completely surrounded by them in all directions. It was literally like being in a sea of blossoms (sweet smelling ones at that!)

I love it when the sunlight hits the petals and you can see their pretty pink tint.

I'm pretty sure the fact that I am in complete awe of nature is evident in some of the things I make. For example, these birds nest pendants for sale in my etsy shop. They are inspired by nature, but with a bit of a girlie flair.

The idea for this one actually came from a popular fairy tale. Ten points if you can guess which one!!

And of course I have to include some foliage (for your ears that is). I find myself making leaves and flowers fairly often, which I'm sure is mostly due to the fact that they are just so pleasant and fun to make. I feel like mother nature, sculpting and detailing the little leaves with my own two hands. You can view the listing for these here

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Brigid said...

Lovely! I still haven't been up Turkey Mountain.

Is the fairy tale the Goose That Laid the Golden Egg or Jack and the Beanstalk?