Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Down by the pond.

First I want to say this to everyone who sent me words of love and encouragement on Monday- you are all so so so so SO awesome. I could go on and on about how sweet and considerate and amazing you are, but I think you probably catch my drift by now.

Here are some pictures that I took at my dad's pond, which happens to be yet another place I frequented as a little girl. I guess this is me getting in touch with my sentimental side.

Cattails are my favorite! I love the fact that they are full of fluffy, white clouds that carry their seeds in the wind.

Two dragonflies, doing what they do best. ;-)

I've also seen a nature-related idea of mine come to life recently. I've had this concept floating around in my head for quite some time now, and I finally got around to trying it out this week. They are pendants that have been imprinted with real leaves and finished with a shimmering pigment to pick up the details. These are the ones that I currently have listed in my shop.

There are only two of them in my shop so far, but I made a ton of them.

Once the season starts to change, I'm going to do some in shades of gold and red to reflect the fall leaves. I can't wait!

I had plans to go with the boy down to Texas to visit family. We were going to leave today and stay for a few days, but it's looking now like it's not going to happen. I'm not too bummed, because we can always go another time. And I know it's just one state away, but I am in the kind of mood that makes me just want to take off on a long road trip with all the time in the world to stop at cheesy souvenir shops or roadside attractions. Who's coming with me?


Rheea said...

Holly Dearie, I'm SO glad to hear from you! Hope everything went well for you the other day. Did you see beautiful Angels around you? ;)

Yes yes I guess you deserve a break. I want a loOOong break too!!!

Ps: The pond is breathtaking!


Robin Thomas: A Nest With a View said...

Lovely. You really show the inspiration beautifully!

SheezKrafty said...

I love the pendants!

Brigid said...

I love those pendants! You make me want to learn to make pretty things with polymer clay.

I love ridiculous souvenirs and roadside attractions! I'm with ya, lady.

Anonymous said...

Love the leaf pendants, they are so cool!!

What happened on Monday? Everything okay?

I've been bad at reading blogs lately.

Funkybella said...

These are cute, Holly!

I'm always up for roadtrips!

Rose said...

Your dads pond looks lovely and relaxing. Lovely photos.
Thankyou for your lovely comment about my necklace, and no i didnt notice it matches my blog haha.
Jess's mad tea party was a heap of fun :)


Audrey said...

Love the hearts!! That's a great pond - the cattails by our pond don't have the seed pods yet.
Meant to comment yesterday - to see how you are doing and if Tuesday went ok. Glad to see you are back!

Rheea said...

You really saw a pair of 'Angel wings'?!!! Awesome! I'd visualised Angels surrounding you, bringing you faith and courage.

My first encounter with Angels happened last year. Hmmm..Now I have a thought.. Maybe I should make a post on this in my blog.

Anyway, I'm really happy to know you're fine. If you're standing in front of me right now, I'd have given you a big hug! haha. Thank you.. It's a blessing to know you too ;)


cabin + cub said...

I love road trips and seeing what will be discovered along the way - thrift shops, souvenirs, road side diners.. we are doing a short weekend one to portland soon.. can't wait!

Countrywindows said...

I love to go down to the ponds and see what I can find to take pictures of too! Still trying to get that picture of a bullfrog juming in mid air. I bet the pond brings back memories everytime you visit it

lollywood said...

I love those leaf pendants! I just drove to Texas yesterday and I'm staying in Mesquite (A suburb of Dallas). I always come a few days in summer so I can hang out with old friends and see my family. I wish Ross could have come with me, but he was going to a convention for work. One place I always stop at on my way to Texas is the Peanut Shoppe. They have an amazing selection of nuts and candy and jerky and sugar free candy, too. It's right near the edge of Oklahoma and Texas on 69/75. It wouldn't be a trip to Texas without going there!