Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm back with pics from the show!

Hi guys! I'm here to tell you all about Indie Emporium and how amazingly fun it was. My sales were great, and I absolutely loved the atmosphere of gathering so many crafty folks along with supportive members of the community in one place. So let's start at the beginning, before the doors even opened.

Just look at how many people were in line! Now that this event is on its third year, more and more people are coming out to see what it's all about.

Here's a shot of the show in full-swing, and this is what I mean when I say that the atmosphere was so wonderful. If you look on the stage, you'll see that there are multiple things going on: a band playing nice acoustic tunes, and a screenprinting demo where attendees could decorate tote bags to take home with them.

More vendors (including Briana and April from SheezKrafty on the right-hand side of the photo, who happen to be very cool chicks).

And now I'll come through on my promise to show you my new and improved setup. Behold!

Here are the bookmarks I made from various papers and recycled materials such as vintage comic books and antique sheet music. I used an old, beat-up book to display them.

This is the basket I set aside for my fall/Halloween items.

I brought plenty of pendants and fossils. They are displayed in clear glass plates filled with black aquarium gravel.

This shelf was definitely the star of the my space. It's an antique playroom shelf that I scored at an estate sale, and everyone who came by seemed to have plenty of nice things to say about it. Since it's made of metal, I was able to stick my magnets all over it.

I used the top two shelves to display a line of knick-knacks I've been working on. I love having pretty little things on my shelves and surfaces at home, so I thought I'd include them in my setup too. I made two little squirrel figurines, and they were a hit! I hand-sculpted the squirrels and gave them real acorns to hold. They also have brown fuzzy tails.

I sold both of them within the first 5 minutes of the show, so I didn't get a chance to take more photos of them. But I'm not complaining! You all know how much I love squirrels (and if you don't, click the "squirrel" link on the sidebar under my blog topics to find out just how deep my obsession goes). I wasn't sure if anybody else would share my love for these little guys though, so I was pleasantly surprised when they were so well-received.

My goal was to make my table look a little more full and visually appealing. How did I do?

I've still got a little more work to do on it, but I felt like it was an improvement. If you'd like something to compare it to, just take a look at my last post. And speaking of my last post, I really appreciate the lovely, encouraging comments you all left for me! They made me so happy. :-)

Now I'm going to catch up on all of your blogs. But come back soon, because I'll have even more photos of the show taken by my talented photographer friend. They'll be much better than my photos, so you will really get an idea of how much fun was had by everyone at Indie Emporium 2009!


MelMel said...


What a lovely fair that looks, wish we had more stuff like this near us....I love the things you different and interesting!xx

Rose said...

Holly it looks great!
I deffinately think that the shelf added alot to your display, and the table looks really full and colourful! I bet those cute little mushrooms were a hit too!
It sounds like the atmosphere was great, i would love to be involved in something like that, if it was here in Adealide I would deffinately be visiting :)
Im looking forward to more photos!


une petite said...

It looks like it was pretty cool!

Absolutely love the lil squirrel in the last pic !

audreyscountrycrafts said...

That looks wonderful!! You did a great job setting up your space. That looks like it was fun - miss doing shows.

**==--..__Raven__..--==** said...

I loved your booth and the cute metal shelf you bought from the estate sell. I had lots of fun at Indie and I will be going to it again next year. I MAY even have my own booth. I've been wearing the necklaces I bought from you...hee hee! ;)

SheezKrafty said...

Um, YOU are kinda a crazy cool chick! YOU ROCK! (kinda like my kickin magnet! ;) It was SO cool to see you and to be so close! And your booth looked rawsome!!! I LOVED that shelf! And I can't believe I never saw those little squirrels! You'll def have to make more of those!

Once I get internet consistently again, I'll post all of my pictures! Boo to no computer!

Brigid said...

I loved your display, madame! That's awesome about the squirrels. Their cuteness was borderline ridiculous.

Heather said...

hey holly! your booth looked great! Loved the little kitchenette and all your creations looked so sweet!
See you at deluxe? :)

Princess Caitlin said...

You did great! I love the idea for using the black aquarium gravel. It really made your stuff stand out. :D

and the mushrooms?! CUUTE!!

Ink Obsession Designs said...

Wow! Everything looked so great! I absolutely love those little cute!! :)

Anonymous said...

Holly your table looks fantastic! I love the soft hues of the tan and green, paired with the glass dishes and the black rocks in them, I love it!!

And I love how all your items really pop because THEY are the star! You go girl!!

I've used silver platters and rice, as well as black beans in trays before, but I love the square glass and black rocks (are those for fish tanks?) Cool!!!

Melody Sage said...

Your booth was really cute! You had so many creative display ideas. The shelf and the sqirrels were my favorite. I share a weakness for sqirrels. My apartment has deep recessed windows, and I put bird seed out on the ledges for them. It's so neat to be able to wash dishes a few feet from such adorableness:)

lollywood said...

i loved your booth! and those squirrels are super cute! you definitely need to make more! it was great to see you and get a new necklace pendant from you! i love the sparkles! those autumn leaves were so cool, too! are you going to be at deluxe?

ANestWithAView said...

Holly, your booth looks great. I am glad it was a good show for you. Looks like you got the craft show season off to a good start!

velvetwoods said...

Holly it looks fantastic! Love all those vintage pics.That stand you got from the estate sale is perfect for your little magnets and knick-knacks; I also love your little squirrel, what a cutie. I love how everything is clearly marked with your wonderful guitar design and carefully placed in their little section. This is a rocking stand; your work is awesome and truly stands out! This stand is better than the last one.
It's also good to see all those people waiting to get in.Sounds like you had a wonderful day,well done my talented friend.
Oh hey I must show you my little squirrel drinking glasses,they are so vintage and cute, Now if only I can locate in them somewhere in my packed up boxes!

Amy Perrotti said...

Your setup looks Great! Love those squirrel!! :)

M.M.E. said...

What a wonderful experience! I so wish there was something like this in my town. I'm working on proposing an event with the local college professors to see if the art students could set up an art market. Crossing my fingers.

Pili said...

That's one wonderful looking booth, Holly!! Very very cute and eye-catching!!

The display was greatly done and those squirrels looked awesome! I'm not surprised they sold so quickly!!

paper lotus said...

it was fun, wasn't it!!

babalisme said...

I love the display shelf!! SO vintage! You did a great job decorating it!

Rheea said...

Your booth looks great, Holly! I love the way you displayed your items on the shelf and those glass plates with aquarium gravel. I'm glad you chose to use a plain table cloth this time instead because it brings out your jewelry better! One suggestion: you may want to hang your necklaces on a pic frame like what you did for your friend's shop the next time round. I think that looks really cool. :)

I'm glad you had fun and congrats on the good sales. Yes, pls make more money so you can save up and come visit your little buddy here in Singapore one day. We can celebrate our mid-autumn festival and play with lanterns/candles together! hee!


cabin + cub said...

your booth looks great... glad to hear that you did really well... uh, not surprised though, your stuff is real cute! ;)

Outlaws and Gypsies said...

OMG Holly your booth looks so cute! I know it would totally catch my attention. Also I've been looking for the perfect bookmark and yours are sooo adorable. I really like them. I'm going to go over to your shop now and see if I can find one. =]