Tuesday, November 9, 2010

San Francisco- Part 1

I mentioned in my last post that I had photos from my trip to California, but what you didn't know is that I have a TON of them! Our trip only lasted four days, but you would have never known by the amount of pictures I came home with. Fortunately, I've weeded through them and compiled my favorites to show you. And to keep from overwhelming your lovely eyes, I'll split the trip into two posts. You'll see the first two days in this post, and the last two days in the next. Sound good? Okay then, let's go!

My mom approached me last month to ask if I would want to accompany her on this trip. She had business in San Francisco, but was going to be stuck there for four days with nobody to hang out with. I happily agreed because I've never had the chance to travel with just she and I. I figured the two of us would have a blast together, and I was right!

Here we are in our plane leaving Tulsa.

We ended up with a layover in Dallas, so I went for a walk in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport, which is gigantic by the way.

This airport has lots of neat things to keep travelers occupied, such as this cute little candy shop...

...and this beautiful glass sculpture.

It's open to walk through so that antsy children (or photo-happy bloggers) can play in it to pass the time.

Shortly after I returned from my walk, our plane was ready to take us the rest of the way to San Francisco. Here's a shot of Dallas through the window of the plane.

I was SO glad that I ended up in a window seat, because this flight took us over The Grand Canyon. I've been there twice before, and it was enough to take my breath away both times. The aerial view, however, was like nothing I had ever seen before. Viewing this huge gash in the earth through the clouds was completely unforgettable.

We arrived in San Francisco that evening and my jaw dropped as we walked into the hotel lobby. This was by far the nicest hotel I'd ever stayed in, everything was very posh and modern.

All we really had time to do that night was grab some dinner and head back to the room for the night. The next morning, I was able to capture the view from our hotel window.

Chinatown was on our list of must-see places, and it was close to our hotel so we walked there as soon as we woke up and got ready.

Mom and I both fell completely in love with this area. Everything was so colorful and festive.

I see good things in your future.

We went back to the hotel to dress up all fancy for a party with my mom's coworkers. The event was held at a winery across the Bay Bridge.

We sipped wine and rubbed elbows, and I tried to act as if I attended events like this all the time.

The casks of wine were visible from the loft area where the party was held.

Toward the end of the party, I wandered outside and was greeted by the crisp ocean air and the sight of the Bay Bridge at night, twinkling lights and all.

That pretty much summarizes the first half of our trip. But I hope you'll come back for the second part, because you'll get to see Haight Ashbury and Fisherman's Wharf!


Pili said...

Hooray for awesome trips! I usually end up taking too many pictures too!

I soooo want to go back to the Grand Canyon! I visited it once but was all covered with snow and loads of fog, so I didn't really get to see much of it...

And I love San Francisco! I can't wait to see more photos of your adventures there!

Christie Cottage said...

Wonderful pictures of your trip! I have not been to San Francisco for a long while! China town at night is hopping!!!

The Grand Canyon is awesome for the air and so is the Black Hills. The Black Hills almost made emotional flying over them.

Always get a window seat!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't expect it, but those pictures take me back Holly! I grew up in the bay area, but moved to Washington just before I started high school... such great shots of the bridge, I love them! So glad you had a great time!

Erin Bradley said...

Awesome pictures! It looks like you had a great time. I would absolutely LOVE to see the Grand Canyon like that. I can only imagine how amazing it looked!

devonrose said...

Great pics, Holly! I LOVE San Francisco,lived there for 5 years and met my husband there. We're going to move back soon, it's where Devon should grow up:) Can't wait to see the rest of your trip pics!

Heels lover said...

Great photos! This looks like fun!

♥ kisses ♥


Rose said...

It looks like an exciting trip. How amazing you saw the grand canyon from the air!
You and your mum remind me of my mum and I :) we have never been on a trip just the two of us either.
Looking forward to part two!


alexkeller said...

so did you go into the fortune teller??? i've always wanted to do it and i always chicken out. you're soooooo good taking all these pictures!!!

Aik said...

I have a feeling that you love the trip! I hope I can visit the places someday! :)

Robin Thomas said...

Holly, I am so glad you and your mum took this trip together. I hope you two already have planned the next one, so important to take advantage of every opportunity for good times together. And of course your mother is precious like you, like her, love you!

I BLEED PINK said...

What a fun trip and to experience with your mom is even better. I've always wanted to go to cali, I hope I can scratch it off my goal list within the next year.

The Fancy Teacup said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun in San Fransisco! I'm originally from L.A. but my family would visit Northern California quite a bit and it was always so pretty up there. Such great photos, very pretty views. Can't wait to see some more :)

Silvia_C said...

hey cute blog!!! Please check out my blog it's new and i'd love to have you as a follower! Hope to hear from you soon


Jennifer Juniper said...

What a great trip - that glass candy sculpture is amazing!

Loved the comment you made about being nasty to skinny people...it's so true but I think no one thought of it while they were writing their mean comments.

Kristin said...

Looks like such an amazing trip! I'm so jealous! Dying to go to San Fran and Napa!

Chelsea Lane said...

this looks so fun! I want to go to SF soo bad :)


Raven :) said...

I know what you mean on pictures! I stayed in New York City for 4 days and took SOOOOOO many pictures! Never a bad thing though, I think. :O)

I love the night shot you have! Very cool. It's really hard to get a good night photo.

Hope all is well with you, Holly!


jamie-lee said...

ohh lucky! I'm going to San Fran next year so can't wait to see more pics :)


Cindy said...

Hey, Holly, I just found your comment a couple of days ago on my post here http://cindysclipboard.blogspot.com/2010/11/tulsa-collectibles.html

Thanks for offering to keep an eye out for these Tulsa collectibles. I appreciate it!