Friday, March 25, 2011

Fitness Friday #4- A Quick Tip

Since I'm busy preparing for Persimmon Hollow this weekend, today's Fitness Friday post will be a short one. I've got a little tip that might help you with portion control when you've got a gigantic plate of food in front of you.

Food for Thought

If you're like me, you might experience a momentary lapse of self control when you're eating at a restaurant with ridiculous portions. Of course it seems silly and gluttonous to eat to the point that you're uncomfortable and feel like you might explode, but sometimes we forget that when there's a massive bowl of pasta staring us in the face. If you're afraid you'll keep nibbling far past the point of being full, try this little trick: Get your fork dirty. If the handle of your fork is smeared with spaghetti sauce or salad dressing, you'll be much less likely to pick it up and start digging in again.

I hope your weekend is full of smiles and sunshine!


Rose said...

Ha thats a good tip Holly. It certainly is easy to overeat when your out.


Megan said...

Hehe nice tip :) :)

I also heard a good idea that said you should get a to-go box at the beginning and put 1/2 of your food in it as soon as they bring it out. Then you wont be wasting it and you will know when it's time to stop. :) Just thought I'd throw that out there!

Best of luck at Persimmon Hollow this weekend! I bet you will have lots of fun there :)

Knit-O-Matic said...

thats funny but true!

Pili said...

Hehehe! That's such a cute tip!

Have a great weekend and a wonderful sellout at Persimmon Hollow!

Anonymous said...

That is SUCH a smart idea Holly! Usually I just stuff my napkin into my plate, but I guess that doesn't work if you want to save the leftovers... LOL.

Have fun this weekend! ♥

Kristin said...

I never would have thought of that! Thanks for the tip!

Amy Perrotti said...

He he. Icky handle equals no love handles. I am probably too lazy to clean off the fork handle. Good brain psych-out Holly! :)