Monday, May 9, 2011

Crafting Just For Fun

I have a theory that the business of being creative sometimes steals the whole spontaneous, free-flowing nature of creativity itself. You see it all the time- musicians who make it big and suddenly have no inspiration, talented people who are burnt out on what they love because the drive to succeed has overshadowed the desire to express themselves. Anyone who pursues their passion or hobby knows that enjoyment is one of the main reasons you spend portions of your life dedicated to whatever it is you create or do. But sometimes, the pressure grows to the point that much of the original enjoyment is diminished by the constant drive to sell your work, make money, and be desirable to your market. Making a profit doing what you love is a wonderful scenario but in the end, the ability to truly unleash your creativity is the real reward.

Sweetheart Snail

This theory has led me check with myself regularly to make sure I'm creating for the right reasons. Of course there are times when I have an order to fill and there are specific items I need to make. And there are also times when I make things because I want to sell them in my online shop. That's not to say I don't have fun with projects such as these, because sculpting little things out of clay or revamping vintage goodies are things that make my heart happy every time without fail. But I also make sure to set aside a little bit of quality time between me and my supplies every once in awhile so I can create freely with no regard for profits or marketability. I make things just because I want them.

Recycled Fork Jewelry Tree

I can give you an idea of what happens when these leisurely craft sessions take place. I've basically got a big, fat, overactive imagination and when I make things just for fun, anything goes. Perhaps I'll decide my life is not complete if I don't have a snail figurine with little hearts on his antennae or a jewelry tree sculpted from polymer clay and a recycled fork. Random, yes, but also tons of fun and good for my crafty little soul.

Recycled Fork Jewelry Tree

What do you make when you create just for the sake of creating?


reneek said...

When I create I like to write poems and draw funny creature.

By the the snail very colorful and cheery. It makes me SMILE!!

Pili said...

I love that little snail!!

Whenever I'm stuck and not feeling like taking photos, I go to the cottage with my parents and the camera, always always without fail I return with photos and a happier heart!

Briana Shepley said...

Your jewelry tree looks like it belongs in a Tim Burton movie! ;) I like to sew clothes for MYSELF for fun!

Erin Bradley said...

OMG...I LOVE that snail!

I usually write just for the sake of being creative and as an escape from the daily grind! :)

Redcherii said...

I've never done any crafting, well maybe when I was in elementary school. It's because I have no idea how to craft things, I don't know the tools or material. But I'm dying to know, and to learn.

Btw, your jewelry tree is really cute.. your snail is too :3

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I stopped *working* with clay a long time ago, but I never got rid of my little toaster oven or my supplies, because it is fun to get that stuff out now and then and just PLAY. ♥ Same with me painting that cabinet... who knows if rehabbing furniture will ever be my business or not, but for now it is my pleasure...

I just have always loved having an excuse to get messy... baking in the kitchen, digging in the dirt in my yard, getting the paints out and having no fear... gotta love that! Those kinds of things renew my spirit and my creativity...

I also have a journal that's full of notes and doodles of new product ideas, so that if I ever am lost for ideas, I can flip back through the pages, and remind myself of all the things I still want to do...

Love that little snail Holly, and I am envisioning wire leaves wrapped into that tree too, so cool! ♥

Edie said...

i fell in love with this cute snail. honestly - you should start a production line. they'd be cult in the shortest of time.

best wishes,

The Cat Hag said...

You sure make some cute pieces, obviously creativity comes to you in waves! :)

The Cat Hag

Cabootique said...

I am so in awe of your talent with clay. I tried working with it awhile ago, and I think I lack both the talent and patience to be good at it ;)
I do, however, like to do embroidery. It's my go-to craft when I just want to wind down.

Lemon Shortbread said...

Great idea Holly, esp the jewelry display, you're really talented!!

actually using your talent for money is good, even better if it is sustainable as a biz (purely my opinion - what's better than someone paying you for something you like to do!) we have bills to pay and worrying about our financial situation will cause stress that might leave us even more uncreative lol. as for freely creating it's best to do that as frequently as you have time for it, but do you notice that the truly expressive pieces usually have a less welcome response from the target audience?