Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gather in the Garden

After setting up as a vendor at the Edible Garden Tour last year, I had so much fun that I decided to go for it again.  This event is enjoyable to me because I get a chance to reach a whole different crowd.  And since I only bring my garden-themed items with me to the show, it inspires me and motivates me to think of fun things people might want for their gardens.  Once again, it proved to be an awesome time with lots of friendly faces and good conversation.  Here are a few shots of my setup, as well as the gorgeous gardens I discovered at the home where I was placed.

Tulsa Edible Garden Tour

Tulsa Edible Garden Tour

Tulsa Edible Garden Tour

Tulsa Edible Garden Tour

Tulsa Edible Garden Tour

Along with all the lovely people who attended, I also had a few friendly critters to keep me company. There is a white squirrel who lives in the neighborhood, but the little rascal eluded most of my photos.

Shy White Squirrel

The homeowners had a few chickens too, and while they mostly spent their time in the shade of their coop, they were so cute when they eagerly ran to receive scraps from the garden.

Tulsa Edible Garden Tour

I made sure to bring plenty of garden stakes and magic garden kits since they went over well last time, but I also debuted something brand new: bird feeders

Wildlife Feeding Station

These sweet little garden ornaments are beautiful AND functional! I kept one for myself and my resident birdies approve.

Wildlife Feeding Station

I hung mine right outside my window, and I get so much enjoyment from watching my feathered friends come to visit.  They fill their bellies with birdseed and take little sips of the water.  It's pretty adorable.  As an added bonus, these feeders can also be used to attract butterflies!  If the glass dishes are filled with fruit and sugar water, butterflies will show their gratitude by gracing you with their lovely presence.

I hope your summer is fluttering along nicely!


Christie Cottage said...

Love the bird feelers and the white squirrel!


DancingMooney ♥ said...

Holly, those feeders are SO cute!!! And that garden is charming too. So glad you had a great time!

Aik said...

Wow, Holly, I'm sure that's a wonderful experience! Everything looks so sunshiny and full of life! :)

Claire said...

Such lovely photos!!
I love the bird feeders so much!
I need to see more of this white Squirrel!!