Monday, November 11, 2013

Master Your Dreams

You may recall my recap of the Etsy Craft Party I shared summer before last, when I first taught how to make dream catchers.  It was probably one of the more popular projects at the party, but also the most involved.  They're fairly easy, they just take a little bit more time than the other crafts we did that night.  The people who participated in this project really seemed to enjoy it though, so after the event, I decided to start offering dream catcher kits for sale in my shop and at craft shows.  

Dream Catcher Kits

Eventually, I stocked up my friend Christine's lovely shop (Made: The Indie Emporium Shop) with a selection of kits as well.  She asked me if I'd be interested in teaching a class, and we decided to put together a fun afternoon of crafting alongside friends, listening to music, and attempting to attract good dreams.  Here are the results.

Dream Catcher Class

We had a delightful time creating our dream catchers and showing them off when we were through.  I also put together quite the impressive playlist, if I do say so myself.  It's made up entirely of great songs ranging from dreamy, celestial, soothing, or relating to sleep.  Feel free to give it a listen!

I've also been studying the concept of the dream catcher by reading a fascinating new book called Dream Catchers: Legend, Lore and Artifact by Cath Oberholtzer.  I acquired it from my local library and I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to dig a little deeper into this tradition.  

Before this little night owl flutters off to slumber in her nest, and while we're still on the topic of dreams, let me ask you something.  How do you dream?  If you want to tell me about a specific dream, I always find that interesting.  But what I'm really asking is, in general, are your dreams pleasant, frightening, or nonexistent?  Personally, I tend to have dreams that are rather nice when I remember them.  I do have the occasional dream that is just plain strange and the ever-so-rare nightmare, but overall my dreams are sweet.  And I hope yours are too, my friends!


Pili said...

I really need to give that list a listen for the dreaded insomnia might hit!
And I think I might just get a kit either for myself or for a friend of mine that loves crafts!

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Sakuranko said...

Oh really cool your blog sweetie, now I´m following you in GFC I hope your follow me back there.

DancingMooney ♥ said...

I love that you are teaching craft classes Holly, and I love your kits too! xo! :)

MarilynAmbach said... great idea here s some music too

Katie Frank said...

I love craft things <3 !
& the music is amazing!

BERRIES said...

I love those kits!<3 fantastic post!
Can you like my facebook page?If you have the one I will also like it.

Mihaela said...

Great post, as always! ;)


April said...

I love the DIY bags. For weeks I have been racking my brain, trying to come up with something to bring a family I'm about to visit in Spain. The make-it-yourself dream catchers might just do the trick. Thank you