Saturday, January 31, 2009

More fun in the snow.

Some of you already know that I go to my hometown, about 40 miles south of Tulsa, once a week to work for my dad. He owns a mini storage business, and I do his bookkeeping for him. Part of my job is to go around to each of the 250 storage units and see if anyone has moved out so that I can clean the empty unit and prepare it for the next renter. If it's nice outside, I do it on foot or on the handy dandy golf cart my dad uses for getting around his property quickly (which is so fun, I floor it and giggle as I tool around in my little g-ride). If it's freezing cold, I'll drive my car.

Well it turns out the the town my dad lives in got hit by the storm much harder than Tulsa. It was weird because most of the snow here was melting into piles of mushy nastiness. In fact, the only significant amounts of snow left were the places where the plows had piled it into big towers which remain standing long after the thin layer of snow on the grass has melted. The roads were fine, the highway was clear, but then as I drove into my hometown it was like I had entered a winter wonderland. There was still snow EVERYWHERE.

My dad's place was still heavily coated in snow and ice, and there was no way my car would make it through the thickness of it in order for me to check the units from the comfort of my heated vehicle. So I took a little stroll in the snow! There are plenty of advantages to working for my dad, one of which is that I'm not afraid to dilly dally when I'm supposed to be working. So as I was doing my business, I busted out my camera to show you guys some of what I came across. Plus I think the city looks very breathtaking in the snow, but it couldn't hold a candle to the way the country looks when covered with a sheet of white.

I took a long hard look at the walk ahead of me:

Then I took one last breath of the warm air from the office and headed out.

Most of it was still "virgin snow", untouched by footprints or tire tracks. It was still laying just the way it had been thrown. This is the bank of my dad's pond, the only tracks marking the surface were those left by whatever wild critters dared to leave their homes. I guess a hungry belly is enough to motivate anyone to get out into the weather.

It was totally worth getting a little off-track from my original task. So what if I ended up spending an hour out in the cold, I got to stand near the pond and witness the tranquility of such a view. Plus this is the same pond I always played by when I was growing up, so it holds sentimental value as well.

The pond was frozen over, which made me want to go ice skating. But that didn't happen because A) I don't own any ice skates and B) I had a very strong feeling that it would have been more like "ice swimming" than "ice skating".

I had to jump into one of the shots to document my oh-so-sexy winter attire. It's Eskimo Holly!!


Renee said...

Ooh! Eskimo Holly is sexy! I love the virgin snow, so pretty!

Hollyrocks said...

Well thanks, babe!! And you know what's funny about that snow? I totally de-virginized it. Yeah, I'm the man.

Estela said...

I love eskimo holly!
Good thing you didn't put your ice skating skills to the test

Brigid said...

The pond looked so pretty! You made the right call, though. There was no one there to rescue you Little Women-style from the water had the ice cracked.

Hollyrocks said...

Yeah the whole ice skating thing was more of a fleeting fantasy than it was an actual plan. You all know I'm too much of a wiener to really go through with it.

Audrey said...

It looks like Manitoba Canada!! Welcome to winter! Lovely pictures.

byrheea said...

Wow.. great photos! Such serenity. The cold must be worth it eh. ;)

Renee said...

Hello Snow De-Virginizer Sexy Eskimo Holly! Although I love your sexy Eskimo I am very happy about this nice weather we're having!

My printer was easy, I just had to change the paper! I bought "premium presentation paper" and then put the printer on the best setting- viola! Now I just have to find the "premium" paper in bulk :-)

Have a good day sexy Eskimo Holly!