Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Woodland creatures three feet from my computer

I have a little nook in the corner of my living room where my computer is set up. It is here that I list items in my shop, blog to you all, have my morning coffee, and so on. I love the fact that the sliding glass door leading to my balcony is basically right in front of me while I do these things. It means that I get to be distracted by all sorts of cute animals just outside on my balcony. I constantly refill my bird feeder with seed, because the birds in my neck of the woods are ravenous. I have seen 5 birds at a time eating on my feeder, and there are usually more waiting in the branches for their turn! I feed swallows, finches, cardinals, blue jays, mourning doves, etc.

They are beautiful to watch, but they are also VERY messy eaters. Which seems to work out fine, because there is always a squirrel handy to come and clean up their dirty work. So I took some pictures because I just couldn't help myself.

This little guy has been coming here every morning for the past 5 days. I like to think that he comes here purely for the purpose of entertaining me. A few hours ago, he showed up with a friend! I can already imagine their little squirrel conversation: "Hey man, are you hungry?" "Starving!" "Let's go hit up this balcony I've been going to. It's safe there, and that crazy chick leaves all kinds of good stuff out for us to eat." Here he is perched on the railing.

And this is him getting to work on the seeds scattered by the birds.

My ferocious lion was wiggling his back legs as if he wanted to pounce, but he was polite enough not to scare the little guy away while he was trying to get some breakfast.

After the squirrel decided to move on, a TINY baby bird landed clumsily on the cement. I know he was a baby because he still wasn't flying very well, and his feathers were all fluffy and down-like. The pictures are a little blurry because I had to zoom in as close as I could get. The last thing I wanted to do was get too close and scare the tiny thing away.

You can see him crunching on a seed in this one, isn't he adorable?

What kind of wonderful things do you have planned for this weekend? Here's what I have lined out:
- Make some things for my upcoming craft shows
- Leave my house as little as possible
- Sit around in my jammies
- Watch a movie or two
- Do some homework
- Sleep in


Anonymous said...

awww your welcome IF you would like another AWARD please go to one of my blogs scroll down you wil lsee the one I MADE please snag one :)

Funkybella said...

Thank you for the award! You are so sweet!

When I was in college in California, I had a mourning dove build a nest in a hanging basket on my patio. She sat on her two eggs until they hatched, and I was able to closely watch the baby birds until they flew away.
Enjoy the nature!
See you soon!

SheezKrafty said...

Your little lion looks like one of my kiddos! Mines a lady though and is always up to no good..I love her! My husband is the birdman in our house - he gets so excited when he sees new ones on the feeders! I can only tell the colorful ones apart ;)

Hampton House said...

I love your little friends!
Thanks for sharing!
Happy Weekend!

Hampton House said...

Congrats on the award!

byrheea said...

Oh oh I just saw my name on your list! Thank you Holly!

Btw, I love those pics. You are so lucky to have a perfect view while you work.


lollywood said...

aw thank you for the award! :) i appreciate it!! <3

and that little squirrel is so cute! i would love to see him come to my window every morning!