Friday, May 22, 2009

More squirrel antics.

I introduced my little "pet" squirrel in this post, but I'll refresh your memory in case you missed it. He comes around to eat the seeds that fall on the ground after the birds visit our feeder. Well we've had to move the feeder away from the edge of our balcony where it was because the birds were dropping the seeds into our plants. The squirrel would then come along and dig the seeds out of the dirt, which killed a few of our plants. We couldn't move the plants, because they need the sunlight. So we moved the feeder closer to the back of the balcony and closer to the sliding glass door. I figured that would be the perfect solution. I didn't want to run the little guy off, but I certainly don't approve of him digging up my plants (r.i.p., cilantro). And I get a better view of the birdies this way.

Since we have given the feeder a new location, Mr. Squirrel has come up with a new method of acquiring mouthfuls of seeds. He climbs up the screen of our door, and hangs upside-down like so:

Then he STREEEEETCHES backwards to reach the feeder and stuff as many seeds as possible into his mouth and paws.

Once he has grabbed plenty of seeds, he hangs there upside-down and munches on them for a while before going back for more. The cats (and the humans, I'm not gonna lie) are fascinated by his tricky little ways.

Sometimes Meezer decides he'd like to play with the our little outdoor friend. But Mr. Squirrel is brave, he cannot be startled when he is in the midst of a feeding frenzy.

On a side note, the fact that my cat has long hair makes his back legs look like he's wearing pants. He is showing off his little kitty britches in the above photo, can you see them? Do any of you have wild critters who visit your homes?

And speaking of wildlife, a bird pooped right on top of my head this morning. I was walking under the tree on the sidewalk near my apartment, coming home from the gym. And a bird, one who was eating the food I left for them no doubt, decided to relieve himself at the exact same moment I walked underneath. Luckily, I was headed to take a shower anyway. But it felt like an eternity before I could get up the stairs and under some water. I used two huge handfuls of shampoo. Rinse, repeat. Rinse, repeat. That's right, I washed my hair thrice. It was just not cool at all, I have never been shat on by a bird before. But I did laugh at myself, after getting all the bird crap out of my hair of course.


lollywood said...

aaah! that squirrel is crazy!! haha. that's so cute, though... but the bird poop is NOT cute! that's something that would happen to me.

Margaret said...

We don't get too many squirrels where we live, because our dogs keep them run off. I wish we did though. I like to watch them.

I would have had to wash my hair several times too.

Estela said...

hahaha! oh that squirrel is a tricky little guy! Also, I love your cat's pants! very stylish :)
I'm always nervous about the birdie flying poops! I know when it happens to me I'll think of you

Megan said...

Thats pretty hillarious about the bird poo incident hehe! Thanks for the laugh :)

Have a happy memorial day weekend!

alexkeller said...

love the squirrel!
and i think my mom once told me that if a birdie poop lands on you, it's good luck.

SheezKrafty said...

Oh my lord, I have been shat upon more times than I can count in my life! Seriously! If it ever happens again, I suggest to let it dry and it flakes off easily. I speak from experience. In fact, this post is inspiring me to post about all of the times birds have shat upon me! And the one time an egg fell out of a nest and broke on my head....

The squirrels in our yard are relentless with getting to the birdseed. Our beast (and my mister) are nutso about scaring them's pretty entertaining watching them both!

Such a long comment! :)

Funkybella said...


We don't have squirrels, but we have two families of wild bunnys living under two stumps in our yard; a family of brown bunnies and a family of gray bunnies. They help me with weed control.

devonrose said...

lol! birds have done that to me several times, just lucky I guess;p
This is even grosser...once I accidently stepped on something that I thought was dog poop (by the feel of it) ends up it was a dead bloated rat!! I was wearing flip flops and rat gut squirted on the top of my foot!

Audrey said...

Squirrels are so funny!! We have them too, though the dog will chase them if she sees them. Because we live on a farm right beside a creek we have birds of all kinds, beaver, rabbits (jack and bush that drive the dog nuts too LOL), mink, weasel, muskrats, and a ground hog we've only seen twice. Oh - gofers too. I probably forgot something.
Thanks so much for the comments on my post. I decided to start "Inspirational Sundays" because some times during the week I would just be going nuts, angry, weepy, frustrated etc (hormones I think) and I needed a "pick me up" so went looking for really nice stories with lessons for me. If they help someone else - all the better!!
Hope you have an awesome day - and a really great week!!
(sorry for the essay)

byrheea said...

This post is too cute. You made me grin then giggle and finally burst out laughing! You're really good at story-telling. hahaha. Btw, your cat in pants is adorable!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by. Loved your little critter visit photos. On the brighter least you weren't looking up when the bird dropped it's little present.


cabin + cub said...

that is too funny! squirrels are so ... well, squirrely!