Saturday, May 2, 2009

One of each.

I know that I've been begging for your help in the poll I have going right now, but I realized that it may be difficult to answer if you've never seen some of the options. I make so many different things that my etsy shop only reflects a minor portion of what I have "in stock" at any given time. So I thought I would provide an example of each of the options in the poll so that you can better decide which one to choose. For the ones that are already listed in my shop, I'll link the pictures to the listing in case you'd like more information. And again, I really appreciate your votes. They are helping me tremendously!

Vintage bead earrings

Gemstone bracelets

Fossil pendants

Sculpted polymer clay pendants

Mushroom garden stakes



Gemstone/Sterling silver earrings

Vintage button rings

Vintage button pendants

So what do you think? Which of these would be most likely to catch your eye at a craft show full of fantastic vendors?

Also, I just found out I am currently featured in a treasury on etsy! That hardly ever happens to me, so I am WAY more excited than I should be. My "Mod Bubbles" earrings are right there on the top right corner. You can view the complete treasury here.


Anonymous said...

Being in a treasury is always fun! I voted :)

Audrey said...

I voted too - it's really hard to choose, you always have such great items!! The earrings in the top pic are wonderful! Love the mushrooms too.

missknits said...

congrats on the treasury! how fun!!! and i love all your pieces! specifically the button ring!

Louisa said...

I really love the mushroom stakes. But I don't think I have anywhere to use them. At a craft fair, for an impulse purchase, I'd prob be most likely to get a button ring or pendant. I always notice people selling tons of earrings though so I feel like those are a good bet too.

Mr Lee said...

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cabin + cub said...

I voted for the mushroom stakes too. I have been on a real gardening kick lately.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Hey, congrats on the treasury, isn't it fun?

I would pick the fossil pendant because it is so unique! I really don't think the average person has ever seen this. Great idea.


Mr Lee said...

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Bless our friend!

Anonymous said...

I want to vote twice but it won't let me... so here's my piece. ♥

I think the fossil pendants are totally unique, and that's what I'd probably buy from you at a show... but I'd never seen your mushrooms until you posted them here, so I have two votes. I love those little mushrooms, they are SO cute!!

Putting some things in my favorites... ♥

P.S. Garden things are perfect for this time of year, maybe you could make little steaks that have names of herbs and things on them too?

Audrey said...

Me again!! Thanks for the comments on my soap sample post and for the links to the shops you've ordered from. Will definitely check them out!!