Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good news and other happy things

Hello, readers! The good news is that I am planning a new giveaway for you! My very next blog post will have the details, so keep an eye out for that. I'm pretty sure it's something you will all enjoy. ;-)

Since my last post featured some of my new etsy hearts, I thought I would be a little more selfish with the spotlight for this post. That's right, I'm about to show off the new goods in my shop.

First up is a brand new cupcake pendant.

It is hand-sculpted by yours truly, with rainbow sprinkles of course.

These just made their debut this evening. They are custom word pendants!

You choose the color, the word, and whether or not you want them embellished with rhinestones like the ones pictured.

They really aren't as large as they seem in the photos. I just shot them really close-up. They're actually pretty dainty and lightweight. Here's a picture of me wearing the purple "create" pendant that I kept for myself.

There's one last thing I want to show you before you leave. I walked in on my kitties laying face-to-face, gently slapping each other. The cute thing was that their bodies formed a heart shape. I guess they have a love-hate relationship. HAR HAR!

Cute animal pictures get me every time.


lollywood said...

I love the new word pendants! And you look so pretty in yours! You look like you've gotten tan! Haha, I have hardly been out in the sun all summer so everyone getting tan is making me jealous! :)

And your kitties are so cute! I want some of my own!

Rheea said...

The cupcake and pendants are lovely! I'll be back for your giveaway, don't make us wait too long though. I can't wait already! Hee hee.

Have a fantastic weekend~


Margaret said...

Your new items are so cute. The word pendants would look great with kids names on them for a mom to wear.

The kittie pic wouldn't come up for me. I'll have to come back to see it. It sounds really cute.

SheezKrafty said...

You look so pretty in all of your purple and your rockin pendant! And your kitties are SUPER cute! I esp love the big fluffy one...I'm a sucker for fluffy animals!!!

Lemon Shortbread said...

Haha the cats are so cute in smacking games! The cupcake pendant is wonderfully made too!

LillyShayStyle said...

Your new word pendants are a wonderful idea! And your kitties are just too cute :)

Estela said...

haha! cute animal pictures get me everything too!!

I'm loving the new word pendants and I always love your cupcake necklaces!!!

babalisme said...

LOL ...are they fighting? Dancing? The cupcake is a gem, anyway!

Anonymous said...

Awww, that is SO cute!!!

Nicole said...

Hi Holly,
I just wanted to thank you for all the nice posts of encouragement you have left on my blog. Thanks,

Rose said...

Your ginger and white kitty reminds me very much of my cat. Theyve got the same length fur, same colour, bushy tail lol.
Looking at all the things you make makes me want to get stuck into my half finish craft projects :)