Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm a winner and so are you! During the same time that I was having a giveaway on my blog, I won something on another blog. Awesome, right? I'll tell you more about that, but first I'm going to announce the winner of the gardening giveaway! I used a random number generator, and it came up with:

Comment number six, which was left by Suzanne (she runs an etsy shop FULL of goodies called kiddo47). I will be contacting you to find out where to ship your little gardening gift set. Congratulations, my dear!

As for the rest of you, thank you so much for entering and helping me promote this giveaway. I really enjoyed reading about your favorite flowers and plants. If I had enough space, I'd grow them all! I'm already plotting my next giveaway, so keep an eye out. ;-)

Now I want to show off my loot from the giveaway I won on an amazing little blog called Tokyo Bunnie. It's a sweet floral bag by Loyal Army! They were promoting the opening of a new store in Los Angeles. Their stuff is really cute, and I'm sportin' the new purse proudly.

It's crazy too, because I wanted it SO badly. In one of the comments I left as an entry, I even mentioned that this purse wanted to come to my house. Well I guess that was a self-fulfilling prophecy, because this lovely bag now belongs to me!

In other news, it's freaking HOT outside! Even my little outdoor visitor thinks so. I caught him laying on the shaded cement of my balcony with his arms and legs spread out and his belly flat against the ground. It was even funnier because he was surrounded by shelled sunflower seeds. I guess he decided to come over to my place, gorge on the seeds I left out for him, and then lounge around in the mess.

Squirrels have no manners, by the way. But I still love them. ♥


Suzanne said...

Yay! We both are winners! Congrats on your awesome new bag!

apparentlyjessy said...

What a cute little squirrel! I love how he is sprawled out, my cats do that in the heat too!
I think that bag totally suits you, so it really was meant to be! :)

lollywood said...

congrats on winning that bag! and haha your squirrel friend must love hanging out on your balcony! and yes it IS too hot! my car temp said it was 102 this afternoon. im definitely going to the river tomorrow to cool off and get a tan!

babalisme said...

Congrats to both winners!! Wooohoo!


Hey it's the squirrel again!! is that a photo of you in your backyard?? No wonder you get a squirrel visitor! I envy you! *sob*

LillyShayStyle said...

Congrats to you and Suzanne!!

I love that squirrel, can you leave him some water?
I wonder if he'd use a tiny squirrel bed..hmmmm

Rheea said...

WOw. Congrats to Suzanne and to you! Thanks for the fun. I'm already looking forward to the next one. Hope I have better luck the next time round!

The sitting posture of your squirrel reminds me of my Nono. lol.


theohiogirl said...

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