Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Photos as promised.

Here's a little collage of the order I mentioned in my last post. I was pleased with the way these necklaces turned out, and the girl who requested them seemed to be happy with them as well. So I thought I'd show them off to you guys!

I've been sleeping a little better recently because I got a new mattress. It's not anything fancy, it's just newer than the one we had. But it's amazing how much difference it makes. As soon as we got it all set up, I put freshly laundered linens on. I had to lay down and just take in the softness for a moment. And apparently, I wasn't the only one. Ten minutes after getting everything put together, I walked into the bedroom and saw this. I think the kitties approve of the new bed too.

I accidentally woke Caesar up in my attempt to capture the moment. Not to worry, he drifted back to sleep within a matter of seconds.

As for the squirrel, well he's just been hangin' around in the shade of his favorite balcony. ;-)

What have you been up to so far this summer?


Renee said...

I still can't believe that squirrel just hangs out! So funny and cute! The cats are also so cute. Their little snuggle faces! I'd probably have to curl up with them if I saw that :)

babalisme said...

Me too!! I can't believe how cute critters friendly your home is!! The nest thing maybe a real baby deer popping out to say hello. Well as long as snakes and frogs are away..

Funkybella said...

I love the way the colors of clay look, especially on the rainbow and lolie. They "pop!"

Pili said...

Awwww, look at those happy kitties!!
Oh my! I love squirrels! I'd be so happy if they hanged out around my house like that!

Brigid said...

I love that colorful lollipop! It's just so fun and happy.

I miss having kitties. I suspect that even if Grey weren't allergic, he wouldn't be keen on the idea.

KnockKnocking said...

Trying to survive the heat over here. Love that collage, and love your kitties!!! What a snuggly home.

alexkeller said...

i just love freshly laundered sheets! and cats that sleep on my head

cabin + cub said...

teehee, your cats look pretty comfortable stretched out and staking some claim on their side of the bed. very cute pics of your jewelry too! ;)

SheezKrafty said...

I wuv your big fluffy kitty! I love anything fluffy!!!

There's always next year for Woody! You could camp with us! It would be a blast! Was your bro there?

Man, I LOVE TFF. They've been a fam fave for years. This will be my third time to see them and second time to meet them! :) OH! And I've totally seen those videos!!! they are hilarious! My fave song of theirs is Woman in Chains. Tugs at the ol heart strings.

Amy Perrotti said...

Your pendants are too CUTE! I can't wait 'til mine arrives. . . well my daughters. :)

Princess Caitlin said...

cute cute!
Congrats on the new bed. :) That lollipop necklace is awesome.

I guess you know what I've been up to this summer! Thanks for the comment. It brightened my afternoon. I just got back from the library again. lol!

Audrey said...

Good morning!! I have an award for you on my blog. Please come and get it.
Have a great weekend!

Rheea said...

The rainbow pendant makes me feel happy! :D

Your home looks so cosy with your kitties around.. not to forget your new (or should I say 'old') visitor. I hope they make friends with one another soon! You'll need a bigger bed then. lol.

Have a great weekend Holly and little friends!


Terresa said...

Did you make those necklace charms? They are sweet. Thanks for visiting my blog...stop by for a chocolate chip waffle anytime.

Lemon Shortbread said...

lol love the photos, your cats are adorable, it's too hard to resist clean linen!

Holly's Biggest Fan said...

Girl! I was way more than happy with my incredible treasures! I believe I said...and I quote,

"Wow. Absolutely. Perfect. Better than perfect! Once again, Holly has made me (and my sister), the most incredible little pieces of happiness and smiles to wear! Each piece, unique, well crafted & made with heart!! Fun jewelry treasures don't get any better!! The shipping was incredibly fast and the packaging was a treat in itself!! Packaged with care just doesn't cover it! Packaged with care AND color AND cheeriness is more like it! Splendid right down to the packaging!

- And I mean every single bit of that!-

That was my order and it was for myself and my sister. The lolli and rainbow were custom and Holly made them better than I could have imagined. I also bought 2 sets of Sugar Cookie Magnets (one for my sister and one for myself) they're so so stickin' cute you want to just pop them in your mouth...and they're SO STRONG, probably the strongest magnets on my fridge!

The Sugar Skull was custom as well...I picked the colors. This is my second Sugar Skull made by Holly by the way. Anyway, I wasn't sure what colors I wanted for the flower part of the eyes so I picked the two I couldn't chose between and let Holly decide, I knew she would make the perfect choice. She did! :)