Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy happy happy!

This is a fun and pleasant little game, so when I saw that I was tagged by Rose from Roses r Red, I couldn't wait to get in on it. I'm supposed to list 6 things that make me happy, and I'm also going to include photos just like Rose did so you can get an idea of WHY these things make me happy!

The rules:
Link back to the person who tagged you.
List six little things that make you happy.
Tag six bloggers and let them know they’re “it”.

So here are some of the things that bring me the most happiness:

1.) This guy.

2.) Gardening.

3.) Taking a nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon and having a critter or two decide to join me.

4.) My nephew, pictured here "mowing the lawn" with his new toy on his 2nd birthday. The instant I see him, I am overcome with happiness. Isn't it weird how kids have that power?

5.) Playing with clay.

6.) Funny pictures on the internet.

This was a very uplifting way to bring the weekend to a close. Thanks, Rose, for providing me with that opportunity. Here are the people I'm tagging. They all have lovely blogs, so have a look around if you enjoy finding fun new people to follow!

Amy Perrotti
Country Girl
Audrey's Country Crafts

Those are the things that are sure to bring a smile to my face. What makes you happy?


Pili said...

This blog of yours surely put a smile on my face!

And yep, my guy is also the #1 thing that makes me smile too!!

lollywood said...

you and mitch are so cute! :) it was great having dinner yesterday! the movie was okay, but pretty long and kind of boring in parts. it had all the elements to be a great movie, but it just kind of fell flat. i was disappointed, but there were funny parts. i'd definitely suggest matinee if you were going to see it-- save a few bucks!

Rheea said...

I'm in your list! Thank you for the tag, Holly! This sound so fun especially with the pics.

I don't have a guy in my life now..can I just put a pic of Brad Bitt? Maybe one day (just one day), I might find some guy who look like him. lol.

I'm going to dig out some photos now! Hee.


SheezKrafty said...

That pic of you and your kitties sleeping is so sweet :) Makes me want to go take a nap with mine! Thanks for being uplifting and HAPPY!

Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures! I wish I could take your tip and go on a vacation to somewhere beautiful...even if it's only for a few days : )

Valerie said...

I love gardening too :)

apparentlyjessy said...

Awww gorgeous! I love the photo of you sleeping with your kitties!
I love funny pictures on the internet too! Have you seen ? It never fails to put a smile on my face!

Renee said...

Picture#6 gave me the lolz! And how cute are you and the snuggling kitties? LOVES IT!

KnockKnocking said...

How very fun Holly! Love these pictures and the things that make you happy, you are so sweet!



icandy... said...

What a fun place!! I love the pet squirrel! Way too cute!

Christina :)

Audrey said...

Love the little dude on the tractor!! Youngest son works for the local John Deere dealership as a diesel mechanic tech.

Great pictures!!

cabin + cub said...

Great photos! I love the pic of your cats and the pic of your nephew mowing the lawn is sooo cute. I used to have a toy lawn mower when I was little... it was a push mower though, so I am a little jealous.

My #1 guy brings me me happiness too! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the napping one!! Everything goes better with critters..

Karen Eileen

Anonymous said...

I got so into reading all the wonderful posts about your upcoming wedding, that I totally forgot to read this one!

I love the picture of you napping with your kitties, and your nephew on the john deer is just darling!

You are so blessed.

Much love!
♥ Janell

Heather said...

awww, kitty nap!!