Monday, September 28, 2009

A random glimpse into my photo folder.

I was given the opportunity to get in on a fun little game when I was tagged on Velvetwoods, a lovely blog that I follow religiously. Here's the deal:

1. Open your first photo folder.
2. Scroll to the 10th photo.
3. Post the photo on your blog and tell the story behind it.
4. Tag people to do the same.

So without further hesitation, let me show you what this random little survey of my photo folder turned up.

It's a sea anemone that I photographed during a visit to the Oklahoma Aquarium and then altered using photoshop. If you're interested in this process, check out my tutorial on it here.

Here's who I'm tagging:

Indy Grrrl
Hope Studios

These ladies always have gorgeous photos on their blogs, so do yourself a favor and go check them out!

Now I've got an exciting bit of news for you. The Tulsa Craft Mafia was featured in Tulsa People magazine! Click here to read the online version of the article.

Not only did they include a picture of us, they also added some photos of our work. Here's something of mine that was published.

What kind of good news do you have to share??


Brigid said...

The picture in the article cracks me up. It looks like I tower over you. I love that photo you took! Great work on the colors, too.

Anonymous said...

umm... good news... well, we're just about done painting. Well, I'm done. But the hubby still has a few touch up's he wants to do...

Now I'm just trying to figure out where to start in this etsy biz of mine. I feel like I've been gone for so long!

Audrey said...

I love that picture!! Are you making more into desktop wallpaper?

Christie Cottage said...

Ok, I am going to have to click on the article!

Love the photo. BTW :-)

Ink Obsession Designs said...

What a fun picture and I love that necklace!

Hollyrocks said...

Brigid- that's because you've got amazing posture. Look at you, standing up all straight and pretty!

DancingMooney- I know how you feel, friend. My etsy shop could really use some love right now, but I'm too busy keeping up with school and preparing for craft shows to pay much attention to it. Hopefully I'll get some new items listed before the Christmas rush begins.

Pili said...

Yay for the feature!! Big congrats!!

Monday and today have been a bit too blah for my taste, but I'm hoping the week will improve...

Awesome work on that shot, btw!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome photo! I am definitely doing this. Thanks for including me : )

velvetwoods said...

Wow that's a pretty sea anemone ! I love marine life,I used to snorkel all the time and see lots of sea horses.I even tried scuba at the Great Barrier Reef and stroked a reef shark,scary !
I love your skull pendant it's so cute! Well done on The Tulsa Craft Mafia.I read the article and Rollin’ With My Gnomies made me laugh so much ! I love a bit word play.

Rose said...

Love that photo you photoshopped! Congrats on the feature, you must be really excited about it :)


alexkeller said...

how fun! you're famous :)

lollywood said...

i found the link to the tulsa craft mafia from another blog but i was so excited to see your smiling face on it and your item featured!!! :)

i was excited to read the urban tulsa weekly article about indie emporium and they mentioned my zombie hair clip and circus cookie necklace! i'm a little sad they didn't mention my name.. but it was so exciting either way! i hope someone comes and says "hey i read about these in urban tulsa weekly" also.. i got my first paycheck at work and i feel rich! hahaha i've been living off a couple "happy graduation" checks for months now!

Rheea said...

Holly dear, you've got unstoppable good news going your way huh! Wow.. It was really cool to see your face on a magazine eh? What can I say.. you totally deserve it! Plus, that was the cutest skull I've ever seen. Keep up the great job!

I'm only going to start on my christmas cards designs now. Hope I'm not behind time?? What cute stuffs are you making this christmas? :)


babalisme said...

This is so much fun!!!! hahahahaha... wait wait, let me see... which is mine..mmm mmm ...thanks for tagging by the way!!

Organic Meatbag said...

I wish I had some good news to tell you , such as "I quit my horrible soul-sucking job"...hehehehe