Thursday, December 24, 2009

Farewell, my Friends!

This will be my last post before I leave town for my little wedding getaway, so I'll make it good! I had something really wonderful happen to me out of the blue last week. An unexpected package arrived in the mail- a large box addressed to me, with my buddy Rheea listed as the sender. I've been a faithful reader of her blog for quite some time, and I see her as a very dear friend in the blogging world. Although she feels like such a kindred spirit, I have never met her in person. So I was extremely surprised upon opening the package to discover that this special delivery was no accident. Instead, it was a wedding present! I was so moved by the generosity of this gesture that I had to share it with you.

So that you can fully understand the extent of my appreciation, you must first take a glance at Rheea's spellbinding talent. I have been inspired by her since I first discovered her blog and her two lovely shops on etsy. One of them is called by rheea, which is where you will find what Rheea refers to as "the more emotional side" of her art. I love the fact that her darker work is still soft and lovely to look at.

"Trapped" print

"Waiting for a Call from Heaven" print

Rheea's other shop, My Doll Gift, is stocked with gorgeous, whimsical creations. You'll find postcards, notebooks, bookmarks, and prints- all featuring Rheea's beautiful artwork.

"Hang in There" Fabric Wrapped Postcard

"Lullaby" Fabric Wrapped Notebook

"Melody Lane" Fabric Wrapped Bookmark

"Love Tree" Print

So now that you've seen the wonderful things she's capable of, I bet you're curious to know what she sent me, right? Well, let me start by showing you how beautifully my present was packaged.

Everything was decorated with her designs, even the gift tag and the envelope! She also included a beautiful card with a message written inside. The note was so sincere, and it explained that the package was meant as a surprise wedding gift that I could use to spice up my new home. Her handwriting is lovely too- it looks like her letters were painted onto the card.

I was so excited when I tore into the tissue paper and saw that she had sent me a FRAMED "Love Tree" print! This is one of my favorites out of her shop, and I'm so happy to have my very own to put on our new wall. I loved it so much that I wanted to kiss it.

♥ ♥ ♥

Rheea's surprise package absolutely made my day, and I feel very fortunate that I got to experience what she's all about. Have you ever committed/received a random act of kindness?

I'm writing this blog post on Christmas Eve, with snow and sleet falling heavily outside my window. The courtyard of my apartment looks like it's covered in a white sheet. It's beginning to sink in that once we return from our tip, we'll move to a house where we will have our own yard, our own space, our own trees- which I definitely intend to hug. I'm a little anxious about the move, but I know that it's going to be so great once we get it done. I will try to post pictures of the trip before we start moving, but I can't make any promises since we're scheduled to move the week we get back. If it takes me a while to readjust and come back to my blog, do you promise not to leave me? Perhaps I'll bribe you with a photo of Christmas lights on a baby tree and some cute pics of my cats...

She likes to play in grocery bags.

And he likes to curl up and sleep in my lap.

I hope you all have a MARVELOUS holiday season, and I want to thank you again for all your encouragement during this happy time. Goodbye for now!


Audrey said...

Have an amazing wedding! And I hope you have a Very Merry & Relaxing Christmas!

Audrey said...

Oh - don't forget to take lots of pictures!!

Christie Cottage said...

First of all Merry Christmas!

I know you will post wedding pictures and I am looking forward to seeing them.

That was a great gift you received.

Wishing you the happiest marriage!

Pili said...

Happy Holidays and I wish you the most amazing time in your wedding and mini-honeymoon!

And that's a wonderful print that I also love! Rheea is absolutely adorable!!

Rose said...

Aww what a sweet thoughtful gift you recieved! I love the picture, its just so beautiful and appropriate as a wedding gift.
My kitty loves bags too, its just the cutest thing because they think we cant spot them when theyre in there hehe :)
Wishing you a fantastical wedding!


Sue Furrow said...

Hi Holly, I know you're away and I'm late wishing you a Merry Christmas but have a Happy New Year. Can't wait to see your wedding photos!

Raven said...

Holly, I can’t believe you’re big day is almost here! When you read this, you will be happily married to your sweetie. :)

I LOVE the gift your friend gave you! It’s a perfect gift for you, being a hopeless romantic and all. ;)

Have a great time on your wedding-getaway and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

Stay Tuned said...

Lots of luck on your wedding..... COOL! Best of everything, laura xxoo

Rheea said...

Aww... Thank you for doing a feature on it, (Mrs) buddy!! Lol. I'm so glad I was able to send you something for your special day. I'm going to link this to my next blog post!! Hee hee.

Your cats are so adorable! Nono is so afraid of paperbags now, after I tried to put him into one when he misbehaved the last time! haha.

Stay blissful~~~

Heather said...

Ah! Today is your wedding day! Have a wonderful time, you two! It will be magical. Cant wait to hear all the details!

devonrose said...

Rheea is amazing! I too feel very close to her and have never met her either.

Have a wonderful time, can't wait to see pics:)and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
xoxo (hugs and kisses for kitty too)

Brigid said...

Yay! What a great gift.

I'm thinking of you today, sweetie pie. I can't wait to see photos. You and your man enjoy your getaway!

icandy... said...

Have a beautiful day!!!
What a way to ring in the New year!

Anonymous said...

We'll be here waiting for you Holly!

Congrats on your marriage, and we can't wait to see pictures of the new house! Yay!!!!!!

Lots of love!

♥ Janell

jacjewelry said...

Rheea's work is amazing! Having been lucky enough to receive a package from Rheea, I totally agree with you about how beautifully packaged and high quality her work is!

Congratulations on your wedding! Have a lovely trip.

Brian Burke said...

Wow, what an amazing artist and friend that you're blessed to have!

You've been a new friend to me in 2009, and your words of support in my goal have meant a lot, I really value that.

The timing of your union, and moving onto a new home for 2010, couldn't be better.

Best wishes to you, The Man, and kitties... and congratulations!

Rheea said...

Just to let you know I'm thinking of you, Buddy! Because it's the last day of 2009 today (Singapore time), I want to thank you for your friendship, your love and support for the past one year. I'm so blessed to have found you. :) Here's wishing your new year (and new life) will be filled with even more love, excitement and joy. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Friends forever!

PS: Can't wait for you to be back with photos!!


lolo said...

Happy Holidays Holly! The present that you got it's just amazing. I love her work too. Happy Wedding! Take lot of pictures to share with us.

Have fun!

Best wishes!

Lolo :-))