Sunday, May 2, 2010

Come Into Our New Home!

Hello, my sweet friends! I know it's been awhile since I promised to take you on a tour of our very first house, but I'm ready for you now. To be honest, I sometimes wish I could host every single one of my blog readers for an actual visit to my house for coffee and chitchat, but photos will have to suffice for those of you who live elsewhere and can't simply come on over. We'll start with the living room, which is the first room you see when you walk through the front door.

The kitchen and dining area are connected to the living room, just past the partitioned wall. Right next to our kitchen table, there are French doors leading out to the deck and the backyard.

If you were wondering what this area looked like in January shortly after we moved in, allow me to show you.

In the living room, there are stairs leading to the bedrooms. It looks somewhat plain because we've never had this much space, and therefor we haven't yet filled it with furniture. Plus we still haven't unpacked our wall hangings and framed art. Don't judge!

Upstairs, we are using one of the bedrooms as an office. I'd eventually like to get a nice, cozy chair for the corner by the lamp to serve as a little reading spot.

There are two other bedrooms, one of which is full of instruments and craft supplies and it doesn't look very pretty just yet. Here is the bedroom that we actually sleep in.

This mama robin has built her nest right outside our bedroom window. Day in and day out, we can peek through the blinds and see her sitting on her eggs.

We still have a ton of work to do in the landscaping department, but I did discover that we have FOUR redbud trees! Redbuds are the state tree of Oklahoma, and they bloom the most beautiful magenta flowers in the early spring.

Well, that's it for the tour! I think it's safe to say we're both absolutely in love with the place. We enjoy the area, and the house is a great start for all the wacky plans we've been cookin' up.

As for my recent crafty ventures, I've been trying to make some new things to include in the Tulsa Craft Mafia booth at the Blue Dome Arts Festival. It's been awhile since I've taken part in any craft shows, and I just can't wait for this one. I'm going to display my items a little differently this time. My goal is for my products to be neat, organized, and easy to set up. For example, these bird's nest necklaces are all packaged and ready to go.

I recently designed this new packaging. What do you think?

If you're in Oklahoma, feel free to come by and say hello! I'll be with a group of awesome ladies at the Tulsa Craft Mafia booth. We'd love to see you there! ♥

I've only got one more week left of my internship, and while I know I will miss my students like crazy, I am also glad that I will finally have the time to get back to the things I love. What kind of exciting plans do you have for the summer?


lollywood said...

Man, what I wouldn't give for some french doors leading out to a deck and a backyard! It looks so nice!

And, I will definitely need to find you guys at Blue Dome! Me and Ross are going to Tulsa for the day to enjoy the festival and see Conan O'Brien that night at the Brady!

Love the packaging! It's so very you and really shows your cute earthy, garden-like side of your shop.

Princess Caitlin said...

how lovely! I was just wishing to hear from you, and then there's a post right there in my Reader. :D Your house is great!

Rose said...

Hi Holly, Ive missed your blog posts! Good to have you back. Your new house looks just wonderful, and will look even better once you hang the wall hangings- i think they always make a big difference too.
Im looking forward to seeing what you do with your stall at the craft fair this time round. And the little nests look very cute :)
If you would like to stop by, im having a giveaway.


Pili said...

Holly! Long time no read! I've been missing your blog posts!

I'm glad to hear you've been doing well! And your house looks absolutely lovely! It's nice having a lot of space that can be filled up with crafty goodies! And it's amazing that you have a such a lovely backyard!

Best of luck on the craft fair, I'm sure you'll do great!

Robin Thomas said...

Congratulations on your house! Love that deck and yard. Your life is just rockin' right now huh? Enjoy it. Hope Blue Dome is great for you!

Brigid said...

Your place is adorable! If you're ever brave enough, you should have a house-warming party. We could bring you food and gifts and such.

lollywood said...

I second the house warming party!!

Christie Cottage said...

Wonderful! I wondered where you have been!

Congrats on the beautiful new home!

alexkeller said...

i love putting together a new place and having a place for everything :)

devonrose said...

YAY! Holly! It's so wonderful to hear from you! Now that your internship is about to be done, will you be posting more again? We miss your happy posts:)

Your home looks so adorable, LOVE the french doors! It must be so exciting to have be able to redecorate your new home together, Isaac and I still haven't found ours yet, our exciting plans for the summer will involve moving...twice, ugg!

Anyways, thanks so much for your sweet comment;)

Audrey said...

Thanks so much for the tour!! Your house looks wonderful!
We have a deck too - however I haven't convinced hubby that we need some french doors, but I'm working on it :)

Margaret said...

awwww I'm so happy for you and your first house :D
that's so exciting!!
going into winter here in AUS *Sigh*
thanks for the gorgeous comment! xx

Brian Burke said...

Looks like your place gets a lot of natural light, nice! I only wish my place were so empty, I miss those days. Redbuds are my favorite tree, congrats.

Glad to hear you're wrapping things up, should give you plenty of time for landscaping (what I call a rewarding torture, lol!).

Renee said...

Your house looks great! I have always wanted a two story, I bet it's perfect for an office!! I bet that deck treats yall nicely :) I love mine- so relaxing.

I think your product packaging turned out very well! Very neat, professional, clean.. All the things you're after. Can't wait to see you guys at Blue Dome! It'll be here before we know it! Yay!

Artist said...

Your photos catch a great mood.

babalisme said...

Lovely post!! I feel like I visit your new home in person!! And as always you get the greatest outdoor photos, and you attract wild life again to live near you. I wish I had a robin family as a neighbor.

It's so nice taking a break for summer, isn't it?

I think this summer I'm taking Baby G to hit the water. No, not the beach, a backyard air pumped pool might be the best :)

JUST ME said...

ADORABLE. As always. If you ever do anything flower-based, LET ME KNOW. I love wearing flowers of all kinds and will most likely BUY from you!

cabin + cub said...

cute place!..congrats on your new home! thanks for the open house tour too. ;)

Rheea said...

Buddy, I LOVE your backyard so so much!! Oh I want to have decks and wooden flooring for my future house so badly. Now after seeing your lovely home and the beautiful sceneries you've got, I'm more sure than ever that I won't want to be living in Singapore after retirement! Perhaps we would be neighbours someday.. Thank you for filling my heart with so much hope and joy once again.

As for Nono, I'm glad he is making a speedy recovery! God must have heard your prayer. Thank you. :)

Have a great week at the craft fair!~


Kristin said...

You have a gorgeous home. Looooooove your french doors. And that beautifully pink blooming tree...WOW!

OliveStreetStudio said...

what a great tour of the new home - enjoy it - as I'm sure you are.

Wish I were in OK to come for a visit and to the Fair - your necklaces ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Your house is so perfect! I LOVE the back deck too!

So excited for you miss, have fun decorating!!