Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Little Getaway

We're back from our trip to Texas, and I managed to come home with plenty of photos just as I suspected I would. So grab your cowboy boots and join me, because I'm taking you to The Lone Star State!

It was gray and rainy when we left...

...but eventually, the clouds started to clear up...

...and the sun started to peak through...

...which made for a rather lovely sunset as we were coming into Texas.

Once we arrived, we not only got to see our Texas family, but we also got to spend some time with a few of our loved ones who live near us in Oklahoma. My mother-in-law was there, and so were her two tiny kittens. She just adopted them last week, and they were too young to leave at home during her trip. This little guy was busy doing what men do: spending long periods of time on the toilet.

We cooked out on the 4th of July and then went to watch a beautiful fireworks display.

On the last day of our visit, we went to downtown Dallas.

First, we ate brunch at a neat little restaurant that my husband used to frequent when he lived in the area. He found out about this place from an ex-girlfriend. She was evil, but his new catch is a total sweetheart. ♥

After we filled our bellies, we headed to The Body Exhibit to see the human body in a way that was informative and fascinating.

I was so excited about seeing this, but I've got to be honest- I felt a little lightheaded when I first laid eyes on all the body parts. If you're squeamish like me, my best advice would be to brace yourself before stepping into a place that has exposed organs and muscle tissue everywhere your eyes may wander.

This guy was hanging out on the sidewalk outside the exhibit.

On the way to our next destination, we stopped at a shop where our little sister bought some silly glasses. Then we took turns trying them on. I guess I interpreted them to be something an angry teacher would wear.

My husband, on the other hand, was more interested in tapping into his nerdy side. I think he's just adorable (AND hilarious, bonus!). He's also very understanding, because he gave me permission to post this photo on my blog.

We eventually made our way to the memorial site where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. This is believed to be the exact spot where the gunshot fatally wounded him.

There were a few guys speaking for a crowd on the famous grassy knoll, so we stopped and listened to what they had to say. Ten points if you can spot us in this photo!

I was very moved by everything I saw at the JFK memorial site. He was truly a hero, and I was proud to see how many of my fellow citizens come to pay tribute to his memory every day. Unfortunately, it was time to hit the road and head home once we finished poking around downtown.

Although our trip was short, it was also very fulfilling. I had a bad case of cabin fever, and I enjoy getting out of town every once in a while to clear my head. Plus it's always fun being around family. The way I see it, my time is well-spent when I'm in the company of amazing people.

What place would you like to visit next time the travel bug bites you?


SheezKrafty said...

FUN! I'm itching to get away, away! We're actually looking at going to somewhere in Central America this fall! So, so, SOOO ready!

BTW, pretty sure I couldn't do the living body exhibit. *chills*

KristiMcMurry said...

I can't believe you ate before going to see The Body Exhibit...I would have lost all that good food. I don't think I could ever go to that as I'm a lot more squeamish than I used to be!

Glad you enjoyed your trip! I totally understand cabin fever. I got to go to Atlanta a couple of weekends ago, and that was a fantastic break. Next time maybe just a weekend in Nashville :)

I BLEED PINK said...

Looks like you guys had a blast in Dallas. I've been a few times, but never really gotten a chance to enjoy it.

Audrey said...

Did I miss the photo of you in cowboy boots? I did get 10 points for spotting you though :)
Glad you had a wonderful trip and made it safely home again.

Pili said...

That looks like a great weekend!!

I loved the Body Exhibit! I have to say since I'm a nurse, I wasn't squeamish at all about it, but found it super interesting!

Seems that you guys had a lot of fun and going out now and then is great to recharge the energies!

Christie Cottage said...

Ok, clean the toe prints of the windshield!!!

Great photos and I loved both of your pics modeling the glasses!

JennTRC said...

looks like you had a wonderful trip!
I bet that human body exhibit was fantastic, sounds super interesting :)

Raven :) said...

Awe, it looks like you had a great time, Holly! I wish I could go on a trip somewhere...

"She was evil, but his new catch is a total sweetheart." Hahaha! That was a cute line.

If I could go anywhere I wanted, I would want to go to a BIG CITY, like NYC, LA, or Las Vegas! XD

Amy Perrotti said...

Hey Holly, Love the glasses! I accidently deleted your comment on my blog. Ooops. I hit enter too many times on my reply comment (impatience+bad web connection) and was trying to delete my 7 replies, when BOOM yours was gone. Rats. Sorry.

Ink Obsession Designs said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I am itching for a little getaway. Even just a weekend somewhere close would be great! :) Have a good weekend!!

apparentlyjessy said...

Texas is definitely on my dream American holiday wish list. I love the pic's of you guys in the giant glasses, what a crack up!
I know exactly what you mean about cabin fever. I reckon since our overseas trip it has gotten even worse! There is so much exploring to be done!

Liz said...

That kitty picture made me laugh, what a cutie :)
I really want to go back to England soon...but your trip looked fun!
I love your striped top btw!

Rose said...

Hello gorgeous girl!
Your trip looks lovely. I would love to travel to the US one day, but unfortunately its not on Mikeys trip list :(
We are however off to Melbourne later this month, I cant wait!:)
That little kitty on the toliet is just too cute!
The display with the bodies was here in Adelaide last year too. even though im a nurse, Im not into looking at body insides, I think I would have fainted, ive never actually been into theatre (by choice). I much profer live, awake people/patients hehe :)


Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

looks like you have a great time there! and nice photos too :)

cabin + cub said...

Looks like a fun road trip! And I must add, that is the cutest kitten ever... I see his is toilet trained, heehee. ;)

Robin Thomas said...

I just got back from Dallas with my daughter. So nice to be able to get away. Seems like you and your groom travel well together. Glad you enjoyed yourself, however, I think you have figured how how to do that everyday. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Loved reading all about your trip. One of my showrooms is in Dallas and I have never been. I too, saw the body exhibit....kind of like a scary movie, you want to watch...but want to cover your eyes at the same time!! I was only four years old when JFK was assasinated, so I don't remember, but it would be so errie to stand where it happened. I felt the same way at Arlington at his grave. A wonderful President and man.
Thank you for sharing.
Karen Eileen

Kirsten said...

Great pictures!.... and you and your hubby are so cute together! I'm thinking of Dallas in the near future as well...since my daughter lives there with her husband. I love visiting there too! Lots to see and do..... but it is especially wonderful to see my daughter, as I miss her every day.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time Holly, I loved all the pictures! Those glasses looked so kooky on you, and I love that yellow/blue shirt you were wearing, so cute! ♥

catch you later rock star!

Anonymous said...

oh p.s. the body exhibit. I don't think I have the guts for that one. no pun intended. ♥ :D

Margie said...

These are great, looks like you had lots of fun! ~ Margie