Friday, July 2, 2010

We're Goin' to Texas!

Hello, friends! My honey and I are leaving tomorrow on a trip down South to visit family for the holiday. We're so excited about hanging out with great people and getting out of the house for the weekend. I intend to take plenty of photos during this brief getaway, because that's just how I roll. So maybe I'll have some picture love when I return. ♥

While I'm away, here's a little peak at the things I've created in recent craft sessions.

Vintage Button Hairpins made from a bag of buttons I bought while setting up an estate sale. AND they inspired the next idea:

Handmade Buttons! I made these from various colors of polymer clay. I had a great time with them too- I ended up making a ton of them and even altering a little box to display them in.

What's your current inspiration?


christine said...

The new buttons are so cute! Love them!

Have a fun trip!

Pili said...

Have a great trip and a great time with the family!
Happy 4th!

And those handmade buttons are so super cute! I'm sure they'd make any handmade garment even more special!!

Christie Cottage said...

Pretty buttons! Have fun with your family!!!


Audrey said...

Hope you are having a wonderful day and have a very safe trip back!! Can't wait to see the photo's :)

devonrose said...

Oh! You're going to my home state:) What city? Have a blast, girrrrll!

Renee said...

I love the buttons! Such a great idea and I can totally see that doing awesome. Good luck! Have a great trip this weekend! We're having an lovely time so far, I took of Friday and have just been working on the invite biz and hanging out and sleeping in.. Ahh! Can't wait to make this my full time life one day ;)

My inspiration are my clients! I have a hard time making awesome invitation sets when I'm my only muse. I love putting myself in someone else's shoes and creating something awesome I know they will love.


alexkeller said...

have fun in texas!
i'm currently inspired by MCM design - i made several necklaces and named them after women MCM designers. I have a few more i'd like to make - always have the ideas & never enough time!

OliveStreetStudio said...

hope the trip was fun fun and the temps were cooler than what we have up in NY!!

lolo said...

Wow... the new buttons are awesome. I love the colors. So bright and happy!

Enjoy your trip and have fun with your family!

Lolo :-)

apparentlyjessy said...

I hope you've had a lovely holiday in Texas! The polymer buttons are gorgeous, I especially like the sparkly silver star ones.

Anonymous said...

Hey Holly! ♥

I hope you had a great time in Texas, woot woot! Super cute buttons you made there too girl, you are so crafty I swear! :)

Can't wait to see pictures of your trip. Catch you later chica!

♥ me.