Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Make:Christmas

Hello and happy holidays, my lovely friends! I'm sorry I've been neglecting my blog a bit. I keep thinking of all the wonderful things I'd like to tell you and show you, but I've just been all wrapped-up in work, events, crafting, and other fun things. I participated in a neat little holiday gathering last night that I just had to post about, because it was the kind of event that leaves me beaming afterward. I'm a member of a local craft group called Make:Tulsa, which has been a very enjoyable endeavor for me. We get together for social gatherings, craft parties, classes, and in this case, a wonderful holiday craft show in the heart of Tulsa.

A Make:Christmas took place at a shop called Ida Red on Brookside. Ida Red is "a rock and roll boutique" with all kinds of unique goodies such as old-fashioned candy and soda, Cain's Ballroom merchandise, and items made by local artists. Sounds like a neat place, right?

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In fact, it turned out to be the perfect setting for this event. Tulsa people came out in full force to get in on the festivities and support local businesses. Make:Tulsa members were allowed one table apiece to set up their wares in the back of the store, and each of us brought a homemade dessert to feed hungry shoppers. Ida Red provided hot cider and live music to spice up the atmosphere. Here's a glimpse at all the tasty things that were available to everyone who attended.

I made the oatmeal cookies in the front. The recipe was altered to make a reduced-fat dessert, and I was quite happy with the results. Keep an eye out for the recipe in my next post!

I incorporated a mini tinsel tree into my setup to display the ornaments I was selling and to add some holiday flair without deviating from the sparkly mood I strive to achieve at every show.

Since all of my friends who participated in this show are familiar with the ins and outs of craft shows, they had very appealing setups.

I really enjoyed spending time with friends and customers in a warm, lively setting.

{photo courtesy of Somer}

This event was very well-received by the public. Just look at the line of people waiting to purchase holiday gifts from this locally owned and operated business! This is something I love to see.

It was so nice to be able to sit back behind my table, all curled up on a big comfy couch, and watch local musicians perform original songs as well as holiday favorites. Whitney Fenimore and The Del Toros played, and I was super impressed with both. Seriously, I went and looked them up after the show because I wanted to hear more.

And as if I had not already given plenty of reasons that I enjoyed myself, I was also accompanied by my mom and my sweet baby niece. Being in good company makes the best of times even better!

I want to send out a HUGE thank you to Ida Red for hosting this event, as well as the people of Tulsa for supporting it. This is the type of show I would happily take part in year after year.

I am planning to squeeze in one more blog post before Christmas, because I want to show you how my house is decorated and share the recipe I mentioned above. In the meantime, I want to know all about your holidays. What are your plans? What tasty treats are you looking forward to making and/or eating? And what are you hoping Santa will bring you this year?


apparentlyjessy said...

Looks like your time at the A Make markets went well, your stall looks fabulous, each one you post about I think they are looking better and better, you have become a real craft market pro!
Your niece is adorable! And I love the colourful necklace you are wearing.

SheezKrafty said...

It was such a fun day, long or not! ;) I kept meaning to tell you how much I liked the little vintage xmas tree - I'm going to go ahead and guess it was an estate sale find? ;) It was a treat to get to hang out!!

JUST ME said...

Your craft booths are always so adorable...I want to buy THEM.

Besides the two aforementioned presents mentioned on my blog, I'd really like a seamless and enjoyable trip back to see my parents. Airports can be like the 9th circle of hell this time of year.

I'm also SUPER PUMPED to eat some Christmas cookies. And my mom's cooking. Since I have gone back to worshiping the microwave.

Robin Thomas said...

I am always so impressed at the solidarity of you Tulsa craft designers. What a great event. You have such joy Holly. I was just telling my daughter about you this morning. Thank you for sharing yourself!

Ink Obsession Designs said...

Wow, everything looked FABULOUS!! I know there are craft shows in Chicago but I never manage to get to them. I think I better start trying! :)

Holly said...

Erin- I LOVE doing craft shows (but you probably gathered that already). It depends on your personality, because I know there are lots of people who prefer to do most of their business online. But for me, there's nothing quite like the face-to-face interaction with buyers. The conversations are so warm and friendly, and I have found that people who buy your work in person are quick to become loyal, return customers who seek out shows you'll be at. It's so fun and rewarding!

Pili said...

That looks like a fantastic craft show! I wish we had more of those around here, I'd love to do more local handmade shopping aside from my online one.

I'm currently keeping fingers & toes crossed hoping I can get back home in time for Christmas, after being stuck in London & Heathrow due to the weather & snow since Friday...

Kristin said...

Looks like another fabulous event! Your niece is soooooo darling!

JennTRC said...

Love the picture of you, your mom and niece! Your niece is adorable ;)

Nice holiday set up! Sounds like a really fun event!

Raven said...

I never heard of this place in Tulsa! But, I will be checking it out soon I can tell you! I mean, rock n' roll stuff? That sounds like my kinda place! ;)~

Audrey said...

What a great idea! And it is really nice when a community supports the shops in it. Looks like there was a good turn out.
Today is the last day of school here, looking forward to staying in the house at 7:30am instead of going out to start a cold bus :)
Hope you have a wonderful last few days before Christmas and a Very Merry Christmas if I'm not back before then.

devonrose said...

Thanks so much for sharing! Looks like a great time:) You know, all your posts have inspired me to participate in a craft show as well...this Spring in LA
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

cabin + cub said...

Your table looks great! Looks like it was a lot of fun!
I am still prepping for the holidays... somehow I always leave things until the last minute?.. where does the time go?
Hope you have happy holidays!! ;)

MelMel said...

hi Holly, great place!
All that crafty imagination in one!

Have a super Melxxx

alexkeller said...

we've had a craft Christmas this year, and we've made loads of cookies :)