Friday, June 17, 2011

Fitness Friday #7- Go Raw

Happy Friday! Today's post won't make you sore, it won't leave you sweating, and you might even find it enjoyable. I want to discuss something that's been heavy on my mind lately because the approach I try to take with my Fitness Friday posts is the acquisition and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. It's not always about looking good, because it's more important that you feel good (and as an added bonus, looking good can easily result from taking care of your body). The focus of today's post is raw food.


You really just can't go wrong eating raw fruits and veggies. They are low in fat and calories, yet high in vitamins and nutrients. They are easy for your body to process. In their natural state, these foods are completely free of chemicals and preservatives. And on top of all that, some of the most delicious things you'll ever taste come directly from nature! It is absolutely possible to eat the most healthy food possible without skimping on flavor or enjoyment.


If munching on raw fruits and veggies is not something you find inherently rewarding, I can provide you with a bit of motivation to help you incorporate more fresh produce into your diet. There is a fantastic documentary that will open your eyes to how kind you are being to your body when you sit down for a meal.

I was really affected by this film. I typically think of myself as an overall healthy person, but the honest truth is that a lot of my diet is overly processed. Much of what I was eating came from a box, can, or plastic bag. Here's the trailer if your interest is sparked.

Since I watched this documentary, I've been shifting my focus from calories and fat grams to the amount of human interference involved in my food. If I'm eating fresh produce, fat content is not much of an issue anyway. And as far as lifestyle changes go, this one has been quite painless. I just make sure that fruits and veggies are present in every meal and snack. Visit the Food Matters Website for more information and to watch the film online.

Now that I'm done rambling on about the benefits of raw foods, I'd like to know what your favorite fresh fruit or vegetable is. Lately, mine has been ice cold watermelon. It is HEAVEN on a scorching summer day!


Pili said...

I love eating my fruit and veggies raw! Nothing like some cucumber, carrot and tomato salad to start a meal!

And right now I'm eating cherries like they're going out of style and apricots too!!

alexkeller said...

i love fresh strawberries!

but documentaries like this worry me. i agree that we don't need more fast food restaurants, that we should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, that we should in general make healthier choices .... i don't agree that the pharmaceutical companies are a big bad evil entity.
while i'm the first person who takes something for a headache, i think many people are over medicated. but if people would just take medicine when they REALLY needed it, i wouldn't have an issue. it blows my mind that people still think that antibiotics will cure a cold. it's crazy that i know someone who takes 90 pills a day. wtf? no wonder there are unhealthy and even deadly results. and organic and natural medicines can be misleading - it's possible that each dose is not the same.
my dad has always said moderation is the key - to eating, drinking alcohol, excercise, watching tv - just about anything. since he's physically healthy and into his 80s, i'm going by that!

Kristin said...

Mmmmmmm. I think I'll hit up a produce stand tomorrow!

Aik said...

Oh, I have a lot of favourite fresh fruits, such as watermelon, grapes, apples and oranges.

La Alicia said...

I love eating my freshies raw -- they are so delish! I have to find that film -- sounds like a must watch! :)

JUST ME said...

I'm right there with you, mama. In the last 2 years I've shifted my intake of processed food down to about 3%...and my body is so thankful.

These days, if I happen to drink a diet coke (because hey, I'm not Jesus) my body rallies against me and makes me feel like shit.

...I can't imagine what would happen if I tried to eat a Devil Dog...although it might be a full body meltdown I'd enjoy...

Anonymous said...

Hey Holly! I am so excited that you are sharing this insight, because it is so true, that the more fresh foods we eat, the less we have to worry about fat and calories... and once we get used to that shift in eating habits, it's so easy! But yet, it takes practice too...

I'm always a fan of having fresh spinach in the house because I blend it into salad greens always, and chop it up to mix into sauces and other dishes too, since it cooks down so easily... I also really love having grapes on hand too, because they are nice and cold {stored in the fridge} and you can just eat them, no preparing or cutting or mess making. I love foods that are finger food friendly, that don't take a lot of work to prepare, and aren't messy to make. Totally LOVE watermelon too, but I have to admit, it sounds silly but sometimes I'm just too lazy to cut one up. ;)

ArtistGirl said...

I agree whole heartedly that what you eat matters! I wish that cancer patients were encouraged more to eat as healty as possible. I was told by my oncologist that sugar was ok to eat and to eat gravy if I needed to while I was taking chemo. I have since learned that cancer feeds on sugar and an overdose of vitamins. Fruits and vegetables (strawberries and bok choy,proven cancer fighting SUPER foods)are cancer fighting foods that can work at healing your body to fight cancer and other illnesses. Your body knows exactly how to process these foods so that you never have an overdose of nutrients. Those pictures look so pretty, now I think I'm going to go grab a peach.

Heidi said...

I try very hard to be diligent about eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day! It's so important! I want to watch the video but I'll have to wait until I'm at home where there's sound :)

Claire said...

I love raspberries
I've been eating alot more raw lately and I feel sooo much better for it. I definately have more energy
(sorry, removed last comment because of mis spelling)