Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's Festival Season!

One of my favorite aspects of spring and summer in Oklahoma is that everyone starts to come out of hiding.  We become social and motivated, longing for festivities and the company of others.  Apparently I have been bitten by the festival bug, because I've been seeking out opportunities to join in on the good times.

Festival Season

Last weekend, I trekked down to the Rooster Days Festival on foot multiple times to shop at the craft booths and take in the sights.  Even though I'm not a fan of riding rides, I do enjoy the excited squeals of children and families waiting in line for their turn.  Once the sun starts to set, I allow myself to be thoroughly dazzled by all the lights and colors.   

Festival Season

This coming weekend, I'll be attending yet another festival- as a vendor!  You can find me at the Make:Tulsa booth at the Blue Dome Arts Festival.  We went in as a group and purchased two booth spaces, so we'll be all spread out with a large offering of handmade goodies for you to peruse.  Want a sneak peek at how I'm gearing up for the weekend?  I'm prepared to rock a few of my favorite festival necessities such as my heart-shaped shades, my Pocahontas pigtails, and some comfy clothes.

Springtime Girl

Last night, I worked all through the evening (with a steady soundtrack of good rock music, of course) filling up my display of guitar pick earrings.  I've got every color of the rainbow, including my favorites- recycled CD picks!  

Guitar Pick Earrings

I'll also be introducing my new botanical bookmarks.  To give you a glimpse at how I gather my flowers for these beauties, here is a visual:  Picture my husband calmly mowing the yard on a mild spring day.  Then imagine a crazy lady frantically running out of the house, throwing herself in front of the lawnmower, and falling to the ground in a dramatic attempt to rescue these little lovelies from the jaws of destruction.  After gathering a suitable number of botanical specimens, the crafty lunatic brushes herself off, quietly reenters her house, gently presses them between soft sheets of tissue paper and book pages, and sings them to sleep until they're thoroughly dried.  Flower pressing is serious business.

Botanical Bookmarks

If you'd like to get in on all the good times, come out to the Blue Dome Arts Festival this weekend!  This is one of my absolute favorite events in Tulsa.  You'll find an abundance of art, food, music, and good vibes.  
Blue Dome Arts Festival
Words don't really do this festival justice, so maybe if you look through photos I've taken during past years (here and here) you'll get an idea of what a fun time it is.  I hope to see you there!


Pili said...

I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time at the festival!

I love the new botanical bookmarks, so cute!

Sam Extance said...

Love the bookmarks Holly! They are too cute!

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Your guitar pick earrings are really cool!
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