Friday, April 10, 2009


I'm curious, and I really have to know... Is there anybody on this planet who can honestly say they don't like strawberries? I don't believe I've ever met anyone who didn't love these wonderful little miracles of nature. If you are someone who disagrees, I want to know. I promise not to jump all over you or try to convince you that they are the most amazing fruit on this green earth. I'm simply wondering if there even IS such a thing as a person who dislikes strawberries.

When I was a little girl, both sets of grandparents had strawberries in their gardens. So to me, a big bowl of fresh strawberries with a tiny bit of sugar sprinkled on top (can you tell I'm hungry right now?) is a staple of summertime. And I figured that maybe I could give you all a taste of the upcoming summer months by letting you peak at some of my newest creations. Both of these have already been listed in my etsy shop.

This one is a hand sculpted strawberry pendant. It has everything a real strawberry should have, including seeds, leaves, and even a little vine on top.

I've also listed something a little different from anything I've sold in my shop before. It's an entire strawberry cake, handmade out of polymer clay. The cake is sliced into 4 pieces, and each is a separate magnet. I used super-strong rare earth magnets, so these will definitely be effective at keeping your papers securely stuck to the fridge (or any other magnetic surface). Each piece features a strawberry slice, a tiny leaf, and a dollop of whipped cream! The cake has a brown crust on bottom and a layer of icing in the middle. I really went all out on this one, now if only I could make a REAL cake that looked this edible!

Let me hear from my fellow strawberry lovers!! I actually have been looking for some fun recipes involving fresh fruit, does anyone have any suggestions?


byrheea said...

Thank you! Please do not abandon my blog after checking out those other blogs. :(

Err... actually I'm not much of a strawberry lover. It could be because the ones I put in my mouth all tasted sour. Anyway, those clay strawberries you made look really sweet and yummy.

I do have some recipe for fresh fruit juice. Let me know if you're interested and I'll dig out the book for you. :)


Hollyrocks said...

Well I guess people who aren't huge fans of strawberries DO exist. Now I know!

As for the recipe, I would LOVE to make my own fruit juice. But if it involves a blender, I won't waste your time because I don't have one. :-(

Heather said...

that little cake is adorable! I love strawberries and hope to grow my own this summer. I remember picking them at my grandparent's garden, such a sweet little fruit!

lollywood said...

my boyfriend's not a big fan of strawberries. he's pretty picky, though... there are so many foods he doesn't care for and i'm like "aaah you're crazy how can you NOT like that???"

those cake magnets are adorable! everytime i try and make polymer clay cake, it never turns out that great.. i always get messed up trying to make the inside of the cake look real... i can never get the lines straight! but i am much better at real cake!

Hampton House said...

Your strawberries look terrific!

My mom doesn't like strawberries. I sure am glad that isn't heriditary!!

Layout looks great!

little pink plum said...

I love strawberries! Especially strawberry/banana smoothies!

Looking forward to your first giveaway!

Renee said...

You are so creative! Yay!